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Outriders: What should you spend your class points on?

Class points are a valuable commodity in Outriders so what should you be spending them on?
Outriders: What should you spend your class points on?

Out of the 30 base levels in Outriders, you only get 20 class points to spend on class tree nodes for each of your characters. All in all, this isn’t a whole lot given just how many nodes there are for all four classes. 

Within the class tree node system, there are three different builds players can strive for. Each build has varying nodes that are specific to what that build entails. However, there are also basic nodes like additional health, armor, anomaly power, etc. 

With such a huge selection of nodes and a small amount of class points, players are constantly torn as to what to spend the points on. Well, today we’ll go over which nodes are generally better than others and the specific builds for every class in Outriders. 

Spending class points in Outriders

class points outridersA Devastator class tree system in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

While there are definitely class nodes better than others, it’s ultimately up to you what nodes to spend points on. For example, in the Devastator and Trickster class system, there’s a node to increase shotgun damage and reload speeds. While some players might love using a shotgun and want this node, others might hate the shotguns in Outriders, thus the node would be useless no matter how strong it is. 

In terms of selecting base nodes, increasing health and anomaly power are two of the best to continually spend points on. Health is always going to be needed in any RPG shooter and Outriders is no different. While gear and other attributes can increase your max health, you want something more stable, as your gear will be switched out. 

As for increasing anomaly power, the same logic applies. You’ll always use your skills, no matter your class, so why not opt for even more power? There are some classes that use their skills more, like Trickster and Pyromancer, but every class can benefit from these nodes.

class trees outridersA half-filled Trickster class system. (Picture: Square Enix)

If you’re struggling to pick other nodes, we suggest simply looking ahead at the tree. The route you take will lead you to these nodes down the line, so make sure you’re unlocking nodes that have a bright future. These nodes eventually lead to a specific build, like the Devastator’s “Vanquisher, Warden, Seismic Shifter.” These builds play differently but you can see what each unlocks by simply hovering over the node at the end of the line. 

Depending on your class, you want to stick with what you’re going to be proficient at. For example, Trickster is a close-range class, so picking nodes that increase your damage at close-range is going to be your best bet. The same goes for Devastator and Technomancer, the latter of which is best at long-range. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you but selecting the right base class tree nodes, followed up by going down the build line that closest matches your play style, will lead to the best experience in Outriders.