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Outriders Devastator guide: Best skills for class

Devastator isn't the best class in Outriders but knowing the best skills to use is still valuable information. Here's everything you should know about this class.
Outriders Devastator guide: Best skills for class

In terms of both popularity and effectiveness, Devastator is nowhere near the best class to use in Outriders.

It lacks some of the key skills and class nodes that other classes feature, making it not as viable in the middle to late game. 

However, whether you’re a completionist or someone who feels Devastator gets too much hate, knowing the best skills to use is worthwhile knowledge to have. If you’re just starting out with your Devastator build or perhaps want to eventually start one, then knowing what skills to use beforehand is going to save you time and trial and error processes. 

Below, you can view what we feel are the best overall skills to equip on your Devastator character in Outriders. 

Best skills for Devastator in Outriders 

Best skills for Devastator in Outriders One of the eight skills for the Devastator. (Picture: Square Enix)

At its core, the Devastator is a close-range DPS class that relies on damaging attacks to stay alive. Utilizing a sniper or tactical rifle isn’t what this class should be about. Instead, a shotgun, submachine gun or even a double gun are much more viable.

To pair with these weapons though, you’ll need the right set of complementary skills. However, choosing the three skills to equip can be a challenge with the Devastator. Unlike the other classes, there’s no “Twisted Rounds” skill, which buffs your bullets for a short time. Other Outriders classes rely heavily on this skill but with Devastator, you’ll need to make do with skills to deal straight damage. 

Here are the best skills to use for the Devastator: 

  • Impale

  • Reflect Bullets

  • Gravity Leap

Best skills for Devastator in Outriders The best skills for the Devastator. (Picture: Square Enix)

The reasoning behind picking these skills is fairly straightforward. Starting off, Impale is the best Interrupt skill thanks to its high damage and ability to grant you extra armour and health regeneration if the hit is lethal. Also, the animation for killing an enemy with Impale is pretty great. 

Next, Reflect Bullets is a fantastic way to regen some health and also deal damage to enemies at close to medium range. You stop all of the bullets incoming at you for 12 seconds, which is quite a long time. These bullets are then sprayed back out at any enemy in front of you. You’re also protected from melee attacks with the shield, so this is a solid skill all around.

Finally, Gravity Leap is by far the best skill the Devastator has at their disposal. When activated, you fly up and pick an enemy to crash down onto, dealing 813 and interrupting any enemy skill. This can deal damage to multiple enemies in close proximity to your target and even knocks them back for a brief spell. 

Best skills for Devastator in Outriders Gravity Leap is a tremendous skill for the Devastator. (Picture: Square Enix)

While Devastator isn’t most players’ first pick in Outriders, it still possesses some strong skills to help claw your way through Enoch.