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Every Genji Skin In Overwatch 2

Genji is the only beholder of the new Mythic rarity cosmetics in Overwatch 2. Here's a list of every Genji skin in Overwatch 2.
Every Genji Skin In Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment officially released Overwatch 2 as a free-to-play title on 4th October 2022, sporting a slew of new features, cosmetics, and even a new support hero Kiriko. While you can play many different heroes in Overwatch, this guide is focused on Genji, a cyborg ninja.

Since the release of Overwatch 2 Season 1, Genji has been the only hero yet to receive the new rarity of skins called Mythic. As a result, it was only natural that his Cyber Demon skin got fans excited. However, there are many more awesome skins for Genji in Overwatch 2, which we've listed in this guide.

List Of All Genji Skins In Overwatch 2

overwatch 2 season 1 every genji skin cyborg ninja
Genji Shimada is a cyborg ninja with a tragic past in Overwatch 2. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

As you might be aware, developer Activision ported all heroes from the original game to Overwatch 2, meaning players can still enjoy ruining lobbies as their favorite cyborg ninja Genji Shimada (among others). But before we list all of Genji's skins, newcomers might like to know that there are four types of skin rarities in the game.

These skin rarities are categorized by different colors: Common Skins (White), Rare Skins (Blue), Epic Skins (Pink), and Legendary Skins (Orange). In addition to these, Overwatch 2 has released a new rarity type called Mythic Skins; these skins are a higher tier than the Legendary Skins.

As mentioned earlier, there is only one hero in Overwatch 2 who currently has a Mythic Skin, Genji; this cosmetic is called the Cyber Demon Mythic Skin, which you can unlock at Tier 80 of the Battle Pass.

overwatch 2 every genji skin mythic skin cosmetic
Genji is the only hero to have a Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2 at this time. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

However, many other skins like the ones listed below might be earned by spending Coins or Credits, the in-game virtual currency. Typically, 1,000 Overwatch Coins translates to roughly $10.00, which makes obtaining certain cosmetic items particularly expensive.

So without any more delay, here is a list of all Genji Skins in Overwatch 2: 

Common Skins (Free)

  • Classic Genji Skin 

Rare (75 Credits)

  • Azurite

  • Cinnabar

  • Malachite 

  • Ochre

Epic (250 Credits)

  • Carbon Fiber 

  • Chrome

Epic - Summer Games (250 Credits)

  • Nihon

  • Overwatch League Grey 

Epic - OWL (100 OWL Tokens)

Each skin listed below includes an Away variant.

  • Atlanta Reign

  • Boston Uprising 

  • Chengdu Hunters

  • Dallas Fuel

  • Florida Mayhem

  • Guangzhou Charge

  • Hangzhou Spark

  • Houston Outlaws

  • London Spitfire

  • Los Angeles Gladiators

  • Los Angeles Valiant

  • New York Excelsior

  • Paris Eternal

  • Philadelphia Fusion

  • San Francisco Shock

  • Seoul Dynasty

  • Shanghai Dragons

  • Toronto Defiant

  • Vancouver Titans

  • Washington Justice

Epic - OWL Legacy (100 OWL Tokens)

Each skin listed below will also include an Away variant.

  • Florida Mayhem 2018

  • Los Angeles Valiant 2018

  • San Francisco Shock 2018

Legendary (1000 Credits)

  • Sparrow

  • Young Genji

  • Bedouin

  • Nomad

  • Oni

Legendary - Lunar Year (3000 Credits)

  • Balhu 

Legendary - Archives (1000 Credits)

  • Blackwatch 

Legendary - Overwatch Anniversary (1000 Credits)

  • Sentai

Legendary - All-Stars Weekend 2018

  • 2018 Pacific All-Stars

Mythic Skin - New To Overwatch 2

  • Cyber Demon - unlocked at Battle Pass Tier 80

And that concludes our guide on Overwatch 2 every Genji Skin. We want to extend a special thank you to all contributors to the Overwatch Wiki for taking the time to compile a list of every Genji skin in the game.

For more on the game, check our section dedicated to Overwatch 2 news, guides, and features.


Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.