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All Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year 2023 Event Skins

Let's go over all of the skins from Overwatch's Lunar New Year event, and what we can expect for this year.
All Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year 2023 Event Skins

Overwatch 2's 2023 Lunar New Year event is coming up in just a few months, and we're already getting hyped about all of the new content that is sure to be included. The Lunar New Year event comes with new game modes, new rewards, new skins, and so much more. Players absolutely love the skins that are released with this event each year, being some of the game's most popular.

Let's go over all of the skins from past Overwatch Lunar New Year events (from Overwatch 1), and what we can expect going into 2023 with Overwatch 2.

Latest News

17 January 2023 - Overwatch Lunar Event Starts Today!

And we should be getting two new skins. Keep an eye on the Overwatch 2 Item Shop.

13 January 2023 - Leaks and teasers this weekend?

The official Overwatch 2 account on Twitter isn't giving anything away, but with the Lunar New Year event scheduled to start next week - on 17 January - we wouldn't be surprised to see a few previews for new skins this coming weekend.

Keep those eyes peeled.

12 January 2023 - Twitch Drops Live

Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year Twitch Drops are now live.

Watch 2 hours to get a Moira Lion Roars Victory Pose, and 4 hours to get the Moira Mask Dancer skin.

The Twitch drops will run from 12 January to 26 January.

5 January 2023 - New Twitch Drops Incoming

There are some brand new Overwatch 2 Twitch Drops on the way later this month as part of the Lunar New Year Event.

All New 2023 Overwatch 2 Lunar New Year Event Skins

Blizzard has yet to release information about all of the skins that will be included in the 2023 Lunar New Year event.

That said, we have seen a sneak peek at a couple of skins in the Season 2 trailer (above).

It's likely that we'll get more than one skin for the event, though, as most events include anywhere from 4-8 skins.

All Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Skins

The list of Overwatch skins below were first made available in Overwatch 1.

They will sometimes be made available in the Overwatch 2 Item Shop, and it's likely they'll be more likely to be pushed more during the game's specific events.

All Legendary Lunar New Year Event Skins:

  • Tiger Huntress - Ashe Skin
  • Dragonfire - Bastion Skin
  • Opera - Brigitte Skin
  • Magistrate - Cassidy Skin
  • Palanquin - D.VA Skin
  • Kkachi - Echo Skin
  • Baihu - Genji Skin
  • Huang Zhong - Hanzo Skin
  • Samul Nori - Lucio Skin
  • Chang'e - Mei Skin
  • Luna - Mei Skin
  • Zhuque - Mercy Skin
  • Mask Dancer - Moira Skin
  • Bull Demon - Orisa Skin
  • Qinglong - Pharah Skin
  • Lü Bu - Reaper Skin
  • Guan Yu - Reinhardt Skin
  • Wujing - Reinhardt Skin
  • Bajie - Roadhog Skin
  • Face Changer - Sombra Skin
  • Zhang Fei - Torbjorn Skin
  • Hong Gildong - Tracer Skin
  • Black Lily - Widowmaker Skin
  • Pale Serpent - Widowmaker Skin
  • Wukong - Winston Skin
  • Xuanwu - Zarya Skin
  • Sanzang - Zenyatta Skin
  • Zhuge Liang - Zenyatta Skin
lunar new year event overwatch year of the tiger
Overwatch events almost always introduce new skins. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

All Epic Lunar New Year Event Skins:

  • Tal - Ana Skin
  • Terracotta Medic - Baptise Skin
  • Rooster - Bastion Skin
  • General - Brigitte Skin
  • Xiake - Cassidy Skin
  • Monk - DOOMFist Skin
  • Paper Cutting - Hammond Skin
  • Firework - Junkrat Skin
  • Fortune - Mercy Skin
  • Sanye - Orisa Skin
  • Imperial Guard - Reaper Skin
  • Qipao -Symmetra Skin
  • Rose - Tracer Skin
  • Ancient Bronze - Winston Skin
lunar new year tracer skin overwatch
Some past event skins will return to the Overwatch 2 store. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Can You Get Past Lunar New Year Event Skins In Overwatch 2?

Players who didn't get past Lunar New Year event skins might be wondering if they are able to get them in Overwatch 2 in 2023. Thankfully, yes, it does seem that Blizzard will be bringing back at least a few of the Lunar New Year event skins to Overwatch 2 during the Lunar New Year event.

For example, Tracer's Nezha skin states that it is "sometimes available in the Shop," suggesting that it will 'potentially' come back during the 2023 event.