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Overwatch 2: Best Custom Game Codes for Aim Training

Click more heads with our guide breaking down the best custom game codes for aim training in Overwatch 2.
Overwatch 2: Best Custom Game Codes for Aim Training

When it comes to any player's success in the popular first-person hero shooter, Overwatch 2, there are various things you'll need to know, such as the Hero's abilities, the maps, the hero counters, etc. However, one thing that will help pretty much everyone is simply practicing your aim, and that's where custom game codes come into play. 

These codes give you access to game modes and maps that allow you to practice your aim against bots or targets, and if you're looking to improve your aim, this is a great start. So below, we'll be showing you the best custom game codes to use for aim training in Overwatch 2. 

Overwatch 2 - Best Custom Game Codes for Aim Training

When it comes to aiming training in Overwatch 2, there is more than one custom game you can try out. Some are focused on standard aim training, while there are more advance or specific such as vertical aim and so on, these are all useful skills to have when heading into the future of Overwatch 2, so let's discuss each one below: 

Overwatch 2 Best Custom Game Codes For Aim Training Tips below
Below are some of the best custom game codes for improving your aim depending on your needs. (Picture: Blizzard)

Aim Training for Beginners 

  • VAXTA 
  • CT04V 

To kickstart their training, most players should focus on honing their basic aim with the above-mentioned codes. This practice involves engaging with standard aim challenges, targeting heroes like Pharah, Tracer, and Genji, who present difficulties due to their agile movements and small hitboxes. Custom games offer flexibility, allowing players to adjust enemy target movements to tailor the difficulty level.

Vertical Aim Training

  • 6CJXR1

Given the abundance of mobile heroes in Overwatch 2, it becomes crucial for players to fine-tune their aim against airborne targets. One custom game code offers players flying targets that are consistently in motion, adding an extra layer of difficulty. This training is instrumental in improving precision when engaging enemies in mid-air. 

Overwatch 2 Best Custom Game Codes For Aim Training Advanced
Advanced training can be more tricky to get right (or survive), but with practice, you'll definitely improve over time. (Picture: Blizzard)

Advanced Aim Training

  • MHGGS 

For a true test of aiming prowess, players can immerse themselves in advanced aim training. Set in JunkerTown, this custom game challenges players to confront formidable foes, including tank heroes like Wrecking Ball and Winston. The adversaries are dynamic, constantly traversing the map, making it feel like a genuine combat scenario.

Please note that these custom game codes are only functional while connected online, and the player capacity in each lobby may be limited. Players do also have the freedom to create their own custom games using these codes to access the training whenever they desire.

Overwatch 2 Best Custom Game Codes For Aim Training Future codes
Good luck with your aim training practice, and as more codes are made available, we'll be sure to add them to our list. (Picture: Blizzard)

For further exploration of diverse custom games, players can delve into the custom games section of Overwatch 2, where they can search for specific training scenarios that pique their interest.