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Overwatch 2 - The Best Hero Counters for Ramattra

Bring down this powerful Omnic with our guide on the best Hero counters to Ramattra in Overwatch 2.
Overwatch 2 - The Best Hero Counters for Ramattra

Ramattra entered Overwatch 2 at the tail end of 2022; the 36th new Hero added to the game, playing the role of tank, and doing a fine job of it, as he is considered one of the best tanks you can play in the current meta. But what if you're going up against Ramattra? And what are your options for taking down this powerful Omnic? Well, that's where this guide has you covered. 

Below we will be listing the best counters you can use against Ramattra when playing Overwatch 2. We will cover his hero counters based on their role as well, so regardless of the one you prefer to play, tank, damage, or support; you'll have an option available to you when going up against Ramattra and stand a better chance of coming out on top. 

Best Hero Counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2

As stated before, each hero role sports specific characters that can counter Ramattra when playing Overwatch 2. So below, you can find the counters for Ramattra for whichever role you're playing. 

*Note: This list is based on the current meta, so if that changes due to nerfs, buffs, or other balance changes, we'll be sure to update this listing as soon as possible. 

Best Ramattra Tank role counters

Overwatch 2 Best Ramattra Counters Tanks
Tanks like Roadhog excel in can easily outlive Ramattra or negate his attacks, which can leave him vulnerable if he isn't getting healed. (Picture: Blizzard)


Roadhog excels in survivability where Ramattra struggles. Since Ramattra heavily relies on healers to be effective, Roadhog acts as a hard counter due to his ability to either hook Ramattra away from his supports or eliminate the supports themselves, leaving Ramattra vulnerable and exposed.


D.Va possesses multiple means to handle Ramattra. Her Defense Matrix effectively neutralizes many of his shots (making his Void Accelerator almost useless), and her boosters enable quick evasive maneuvers when faced with Nemesis Form or Annihilation. While she may face some challenges against his Vortex, her other strengths more than compensate for any weaknesses.


The spear-wielding hero, Orisa, has numerous ways to deal with Ramattra. Should he dare to activate his Nemesis Form, she can charge him down with her spinning javelin or javelin itself. Moreover, her Fortify ability allows her to hold the frontline effectively for a considerable duration. 

Best Ramattra Damage role counters

Overwatch 2 Best Ramattra Counters Damage
Damage characters like Bastion can easily dish out more damage than Ramattra can take, or escape his attacks while dealing consistent damage like Tracer. (Picture: Blizzard)


Bastion continues to wreak havoc on the roster, including Ramattra. Bastion's Assault configuration effectively melts Ramattra's shield, and the duration of his tank configuration ability surpasses Ramattra's Block ability while in Nemesis form. This unfavorable combination puts Ramattra at a significant disadvantage.


Having a sky view can greatly aid in defeating Ramattra. Pharah can rain endless rockets from a safe distance, and her Concussive Blast can push him away when he becomes troublesome for the team. However, it's crucial to watch out for the enemy running several hit-scan characters (e.g., Cassidy, Soldier 76, Ana, etc.).


Due to Ramattra's slow movement, agile heroes like Tracer can easily outmaneuver his primary attacks, which we can personally attest to happening a lot. Although Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex aims to slow down and ground airborne heroes, Tracer's blinks allow her to evade swiftly. Her high mobility is especially advantageous when Ramattra triggers his Nemesis form.

Best Ramattra Support role counters

Overwatch 2 Best Ramattra Counters Support
Support characters that can stop Ramattra from getting healed or put him to sleep (Ana) are great at stopping him from unleashing his more powerful close-range abilities. (Picture: Blizzard)


The anti-heal nightmare, Ana, remains a direct counter to Ramattra, as she is to everyone on the roster. Ramattra's heavy reliance on healing makes him extremely vulnerable when hit by Ana's Biotic Grenade, rendering him unable to recover. Additionally, Ana's well-placed sleep dart can prevent Ramattra from taking her out, especially when Annihilation is activated.


The ingenious scientist, Moira, has plenty of tools to take down Ramattra. Her ranged main method of attack makes it difficult for Ramattra to focus her down, and her ability to completely fade out offers additional survivability. As long as her team can dish out damage and provide support, Moira proves to be a great choice against Ramattra.


Ramattra's ultimate can be devastating due to its constant area-of-effect damage. To counter this, Zenyatta's Transcendence provides essential healing, and his Discord Orb helps to shred through Ramattra's health pool, even when he is in Nemesis mode. This combination effectively mitigates the threat posed by Ramattra's ultimate ability.

Overwatch 2 Best Ramattra Counters Future tips
As the meta changes, we will update this listing with the best heroes that can counter Ramattra in Overwatch 2. (Picture: Blizzard)

And there you have it, a quick and comprehensive look at the best hero counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2. Of course, there are many variations you can use against Ramattra, such as knocking him around with Lucio, sniping him from a distance with Widowmaker, or getting up close and personal with a Reinhardt and Mercy duo, but ultimately, the ones listed above are the most reliable to try.