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Secret Orisa Buff Not Mentioned In Recent Patch Notes Discovered In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 players discover a secret buff for Orisa in Overwatch 2's latest mid-season patch.
Secret Orisa Buff Not Mentioned In Recent Patch Notes Discovered In Overwatch 2

The recent mid-season patch for Overwatch 2 Season 11 has not been well-received by many fans. However, it appears that a secret buff for the popular tank, Orisa, has gone unnoticed. While this buff doesn't drastically impact lower-ranked games, it is a significant change for players in higher competitive ranks.

Let's delve into the recently omitted buff for Orisa from the Season 11 mid-season patch notes, discuss the fans' reactions so far, and explore its potential effects on Overwatch 2 as a whole.

Players Have Discovered a Secret Buff to Orisas Javelin After Mid-Season 11 Patch

The most recent mid-season patch for Season 11, dubbed the worst patch ever, has been quite the ride for most players as the tanks have been buffed through the roof. While Orisa received a simple buff to her Fortify duration (increased from 3.5 to 4 seconds), another sneaky buff seems to have been added. During a recent stream investigating all the changes from the update, Overwatch 2 content creator Flats heard from one of his audience members that Orisa’s Energy Javelin can now inflict critical hits.

When testing out the supposed buff in the practice range, Flats discovered that the Energy Javelin can nearly kill a Tracer from full health with a headshot, even without the extra damage from a wall pin. Because this change was not documented in the patch notes, it is currently unclear if it was intentional. It is likely an unintentional effect due to other backend changes, and it will hopefully be reverted in the future.

Her Javelin itself isn’t that problematic to deal with when you have a solid team composition, like running Sigma or Winston, but in a 1v1, running into Orisa in Season 11 might be a bit annoying, to say the least. This doesn’t bode well considering her reputation in past seasons of Overwatch 2.

Players Discover Secret Orisa Javelin Buff Overwatch 2 Fix incoming
It's likely that this damage buff to Orisa's Javelin is a result of the recent tank buff patch, and will likely get fixed by the devs before Season 12. (Picture: Blizzard)

Orisa has always been a contentious hero, either being an extremely overpowered wall that can’t be killed (remember Season 4 meta?) or fairly underwhelming (Season 10 and 11, in my opinion). With this change to her kit, it’s uncertain where she will stand in Seasons 11 and 12. However, with all the tanks being buffed this time around, she'll likely remain a powerful tank to battle it out against the others.