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Overwatch 2 Players Are in Dismay as the Recent Update Nerfs and Nearly Breaks Genji and Hanzo

Here's what we know so far regarding the recent hero balance changes for Season 10 of Overwatch 2 that have seemingly broken both Hanzo and Genji.
Overwatch 2 Players Are in Dismay as the Recent Update Nerfs and Nearly Breaks Genji and Hanzo

With the release of Overwatch 2 Season 10, tons of new and exciting content has arrived, from the brand new DPS hero Venture to a new Seasonal theme and mode centered around swapping the heroes and villains called Mirrorwatch. But as with any new season and the updates that come with it, bugs and breaks are bound to occur, and this time it's struck heavily at Genji and Hanzo players.

The recent bug has been discovered to drastically impede these heroes' abilities in-game and could potentially spell mayhem for their meta in the future unless Blizzard corrects them soon. So let's dive into the details below and discuss exactly how broken Genji and Hanzo are thanks to the latest update in Season 10 of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Players Are in Dismay as the Recent Update Nerfs and Nearly Breaks Genji and Hanzo

As soon as Season 10 dropped and the hero balances were implemented, some players immediately noticed an issue with both Genji and Hanzo's base abilities, specifically their wall climb. Initially, it had gone under the radar, but as soon as Overwatch 2 streamer and pro player Necros brought it to the attention of the wider community, it was immediately recognized as a huge potential issue.

The issue in question is the wall climb ability for both of these characters, specifically after Genji does his double jump, or Hanzo does his air dash after jumping, the characters can no longer climb up walls. It works perfectly fine when doing a single jump toward a wall, but as many have stated; as soon as you attempt to wall climb right after double jumping, the hero will just fall.

This is a massive issue since both Genji and Hanzo are DPS characters that rely heavily on their movement passive abilities like dashing, jumping, and wall climbing to evade damage and stay on the move as they dish it out. This bug fundamentally hinders their ability to do so and could easily ruin the meta for both characters, especially for those who main either of them, since wall climbing to high spots is a common strategy for both characters.

Overwatch 2 Season10 Bug Breaks Genji And Hanzo Possible quick fix
We're hopeful that Blizzard can quickly roll out a hotfix to resolve this wall climb bug and let players go back to main Genji and Hanzo in full capacity. (Picture: Blizzard)

Now while this is considered a nerf, it seems that it wasn't intentional as the developers made no note of any changes for either Hanzo or Genji in the patch notes, so it's more likely that this was a mistake by the devs. As such, we hope it gets resolved quickly by Blizzard, especially for players taking part in tournaments and playing ranked as either of these heroes. Hopefully, we can get back to scaling walls and head-shotting or slicing down the opposing team with Hanzo and Genji sooner rather than later.