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College Overwatch team allowed to keep tournament earnings after being caught cheating

Arizona State University broke the rules by allowing an Overwatch League level coach to make callouts while in-game.

A weird occurrence happened during an Overwatch College tournament hosted by Andbox, with a team getting caught cheating, leading them to forfeit the grand finals without giving up the entirety of the prize pool they earned.

The team in question represents Arizona State University, with coach Mark "Obasill" Regush giving callouts and strategizing midgame, despite this being prohibited.

The Canadian tried to justify this mismanagement via Discord by claiming he thought the rules were similar to CS:GO, where coaches are allowed to take an active role in matches, despite his experience in the Overwatch League and Contenders, where none of this is supported.


Obasil Arizona state university overwatch cheating


Several clips gathered and shared via Twitter served as evidence, with Obasill constantly calling plays, managing team ultimates and cooldowns, and even a clip of the squad laughing throughout the series about the matter.




A member of ASU Esports posted a statement explaining the situation from their perspective, with confirmation that they will retain a part of the tournaments prize pool, despite clearly infringing the rules, preventing other teams from benefiting by placing high in the Andbox Spring Rally.



As for coach Obasill, he's been removed from his role, confirmed by ASU Esports on social media



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