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Every Passive Ability In Overwatch 2 - Class & Hero Abilities

Overwatch has already had passives for some of its hero roster, but now each role in Overwatch 2 has its own passive.
Every Passive Ability In Overwatch 2 - Class & Hero Abilities

Unlike other game titles, Overwatch’s passives are not incredibly game-defining. Sure the passive a hero has enables them to do their job better, but it is not the first thing players think of for each hero. It must not be the case since only some heroes have a passive. 

Now for Overwatch 2, each role is getting its own passive. Each role passive enables the heroes within the role to do their job better. Overwatch 2 has more changes coming to the live version of the game on the 4th of October, one of which is the new damage and general passives.

Today we are going to look at the current hero's passives as well as the new role passives added to the game.

Overwatch 2 Hero Passives

Overwatch 2 Heroes
Kiriko is the recently added character to Overwatch 2 that has the same wall climb as Genji and Hanzo. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)


  • Passive: Exo Boots
  • Holding your crouch button increases the charge on his boots, releasing launches Baptiste up.


  • Passive: Ironclad
  • Reduces Bastion’s damage taken while he is in turret form.


  • Passive: Inspire
  • Dealing damage to enemies will heal all allies within a range over time.


  • Passive: Eject!
  • Eject out of your mech upon the mech’s health points hitting zero. You now become pilot D.Va.


  • Passive: The Best Defense
  • Generates temporary personal over health upon dealing ability damage, which absorbs additional damage.


  • Passive: Glide
  • Echo can glide while falling.


  • Passive: Cyber-Agility
  • Can wall climb and double jump.


  • Passive: Wall Climb
  • Can jump at walls to climb up them.


  • Passive: Adrenaline Rush
  • Junker Queen heals for the damage dealt by wounds applied to enemies.


  • Passive: Total Mayhem
  • When killed, he drops several live grenades, which deal damage based on each one that hits.


  • Passive: Wall Climb
  • Can jump at walls to climb up them


  • Passive: Wall Ride
  • Lucio can hop and skate on walls. 


  • Passive: Regeneration
  • Mercy heals automatically over time after not taking damage
  • Passive: Angelic Descent
  • Mercy can slow her falling from heights


  • Passive: Hover Jets
  • Hold the jump button to hover


  • Passive: The Reaping
  • Steals health from enemies based on damage dealt


  • Passive: Opportunist
  • Sombra detects critically injured enemies through walls. Sombra deals 40% increased damage to hacked targets.


  • Passive: Energy
  • The damage blocked by her barriers increases her Particle Cannon damage.


  • Passive: Snap Kick
  • Increase melee damage by 50% and also significantly increases its knockback.

Overwatch 2 Role Passives

Overwatch 2 Passives
Sojourn will benefit from the new damage passive in Overwatch 2. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

General Passive:

All heroes now refund up to 30% ultimate power on hero swap.

The passive allows players to be more flexible instead of risking losing their entire ultimate when swapping to a more suitable hero.

Damage Passive:

Eliminations grant 25% increased reload and movement speed for 2.5 seconds. It does not stack with itself but will refresh the duration.

The damage passive has gone through multiple iterations. The first beta was a flat movement speed boost to all damage heroes. The second beta refunded 30% of ultimate upon hero swap (the current general passive), and now on Overwatch 2’s release, we have the current passive.

Each elimination in Overwatch 2 is more important than in Overwatch 1, with there being 1 player less. Now with the new damage passive, it becomes even more important to deny them eliminations. 

Support Passive:

Support heroes now heal 15 hitpoints per second when out of combat for 1.5 seconds.

It is a slightly lower heal per second than that of Mercy’s regeneration passive. It allows supports to be more self-sustaining and not need attention from other supports or use their cooldown to heal themselves like Ana’s biotic nade. 

Tank Passive:

Tank heroes now have 30% knockback resistance against crowd control abilities and provide 30% less Ultimate charge when damaged.

The knockback is similar to Reinhardt’s old steadfast passive but is only 30% instead of 50%. Enables tanks to be less moveable and less of an ultimate battery.

There is all you need to know about the hero and role passives in Overwatch 2.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard