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How to get Overwatch 2 PvP beta codes from Overwatch League

If you missed the Overwatch 2 beta key drops and forgot to opt in, the start of OWL 2022 will bring another chance to access the game.
How to get Overwatch 2 PvP beta codes from Overwatch League

Excitement is in the air for the Overwatch community with the sequel's closed beta topping Twitch charts and a general spike in interest for the franchise. Of course, thousands of players are looking to access the Overwatch 2 beta themselves, with many still left out.

If you've opted in or watched the required amount of hours to earn Twitch Drops and are still waiting for your Battle.net launcher to show the closed beta client, you'll have one more shot at getting in and that's by tuning in to the Overwatch League.

OWL 2022 will be the fifth season of the game's professional league. The first to be played on Overwatch 2, as the League will be using a beta client for most of the competition.

If you want to know how to link your accounts, when to tune in, and what you need to do to earn Overwatch 2 closed beta codes while watching the Overwatch League, stick around.

Overwatch 2 beta codes - How to get watching OWL 2022

owl beta drops
Those that tune in to the Overwatch League will have another chance at getting beta access. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The Overwatch League revealed that a total of 1,500 beta codes will be given out each hour during the opening weekend of the competition. Before anything else, you must make sure your Battle.net and YouTube accounts are linked. You can verify this by clicking right here.

You'll need to watch at least one-hour minimum to get a chance at earning an Overwatch 2 beta key drop. The more you watch, the more chances you'll get. It's important to remind you that drops are only enabled on certain devices, these are:

  • PC.
  • YouTube mobile app.
  • YouTube's mobile website.
  • Picture-in-picture viewing.

If you're trying to get drops via embedded players or using the YouTube app on TV or media devices such as consoles, you won't get any, be mindful of that.

As a final reminder, the English, French, and Korean Overwatch League broadcasts are eligible, so you can tune in to your favorite.

When to watch OWL 2022 to get beta key drops?

overwatch league 2 beta drops
Beta keys for Overwatch 2 will be handed out by the hour during OWL opening weekend. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The Overwatch 2 beta key drops will be given out during the opening weekend of the Overwatch League 2022 season, played from 5th to 8th May.

These are the matches scheduled to be played during that period:

5th May, starting at 12:00pm PT (9:00pm GMT)

  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs New York Excelsior
  • San Francisco Shock vs Paris Eternal
  • Florida Mayhem vs Atlanta Reign

6th May, starting at 12:00pm PT (9:00pm GMT)

  • London Spitfire vs San Francisco Shock
  • Boston Uprising vs Vancouver Titans
  • Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

7th May, starting at 12:00pm PT (9:00pm GMT)

  • Toronto Defiant vs Washington Justice
  • Atlanta Reign vs New York Excelsior
  • Boston Uprising vs Los Angeles Gladiators

8th May, starting at 12:00pm PT (9:00pm GMT)

  • London Spitfire vs Vancouver Titans
  • Paris Eternal vs Florida Mayhem
  • Washington Justice vs Dallas Fuel
  • Toronto Defiant vs Houston Outlaws

For more on all things related to the Overwatch 2, including hero guides, tier lists, and more check out our dedicated section. We'll keep you in the loop with all the latest from Blizzard Entertainment.


Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.