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How To Play Junker Queen In Overwatch 2 - Abilities & Tips

Junker Queen is Overwatch 2’s newest tank, and we have already seen her played at the highest level of play in the Overwatch League. Learn about her abilities here.
How To Play Junker Queen In Overwatch 2 - Abilities & Tips

Junker Queen is a gritty Australian Gladiator at the heart of Junkertown as their ruler. A fearsome foe in Overwatch 2 and one you should keep your distance from at all costs. Made especially for Overwatch 2, Junker Queen is one of three heroes added to the game on launch.

There is a ton of gameplay on Junker Queen, with her seeing playtime in the most recent Summer Showdown of the Overwatch League. She has since got nerfed, but her playstyle remains the same.

Here is your guide on how to be your team’s frontline as Junker Queen in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen’s Abilities

Junker Queen Kit
Junker Queen’s Abilities in Overwatch 2 on her initial beta release (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Passive: Adrenaline Rush

Heal from all damage over time dealt by wounds.

Adrenaline Rush is the key to Junker Queen staying as her team’s frontline.

Primary Fire: Scattergun

Pump Action Shotgun

  • Damage: 80 minimum
  • Rate of fire: 1 shot every .8 seconds
  • Ammo: 6
  • Reload time: 1.5 seconds
  • Can Crit

At range, Junker Queen’s primary fire is not very effective, but once she is up close and personal, it does a hefty amount of damage. 

Secondary Fire: Jagged Blade

  • Passive: Quick Melee wounds enemies, dealing damage over time
  • Active: Throw your blade. Can re-activate to return it
  • Damage:Impact: 80
  • Wound: 15
  • Healing:15 Total
  • Cooldown:6 seconds
  • Can not crit

The active of Jagged Blade can wound on its return to Junker Queen. Importantly if it gets stuck in an enemy, it will pull them towards you upon reactivation. 

Ability 1: Commanding Shout

  • Increase health by 200 and nearby allies' health by 50.
  • Increase movement speed by 30%.
  • Max. range: 15 meters
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Junker Queen’s primary engage and disengage tool. The over health and additional movement speed allows Junker Queen and her allies to close and extend the distance between you and your enemies. 

Ability 2: Carnage

Swing your axe to wound all enemies in front of you, dealing damage over time.

  • Damage: Impact: 90
  • Wound: 40
  • Healing: 40 Total
  • Max. range: 5 Meters
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Carnage alongside Junkerqueen’s primary fire makes for a deadly 1-2 combo and leaves most 200 health points targets critical.

Ultimate Ability: Rampage

Charge forward. Wound enemies, dealing damage over time and preventing them from being healed.

  • Damage: 100 Total
  • Healing: 100 Total
  • Area of effect: 5 meters
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • The ultimate cost: 2520 points

When Junker Queen has her ultimate, few can stand in her way. The bleed and anti-heal make it near impossible for enemies to contend with Junker Queen and her teammates. Her ultimate cost is one of the highest in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen Tips

Junker Queen attack
Junker Queen mid-rampage in Overwatch 2. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Now that you know all of Junker Queen’s abilities, it is time to see how to play her. Most importantly, you want your adrenaline rush up as much as possible. 

The jagged blade is on a short cooldown, and you should use it whenever possible. Its damage is not the highest, but the bleed for her to heal is vital. Pulling someone out of position can lead to a fight win, but landing a direct with the blade is not easy, and it is not something you should be focusing on initially. 

Meleeing a target close to you is another crucial aspect since it will apply a bleed as well. Combining your carnage with primary fire is a combo that can lead to a swift kill, especially if your jagged blade pulls a target closer.

Carnage has a long windup time, so be sure to use it pre-emptively on targets pulled in to guarantee the hit. Carnage functions similarly to Reinhardt’s hammer. You can hit targets across your screen as you swing as long as you move from side to side during its animation. 

Commanding shout can is either used offensively or defensively. Do you see a target out of position on which your team can engage? Commanding shout forward and try to pick them off. Alternatively, if your team is low or the enemy is engaging with you, commanding shout to stabilize your team and keep them alive for longer.

Lastly, Junkerqueen’s ultimate is one to use almost as soon as you get it, as long as your team does not invest all ultimates alongside you. It is not the fastest charging ult, but with how strong it is at winning team fights, it is not something to hold on to for too long. Rampage can be a fight win alone should you hit enough targets, so be ready to use the first opportunity you get.

There is your guide on how to get value out of Junker Queen. Good luck out there to all trying her and Overwatch 2 for the first time from the 4th of October onwards.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard