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Inappropriate banter will cost OW pros Rascal and Lastro $1,000 each

When you are a pro, you should know better.
Inappropriate banter will cost OW pros Rascal and Lastro $1,000 each
Los Angeles Valiant's Jung-won "Lastro" Mun and San Francisco Shock's Dong-jun 'Rascal' Kim will have to pay ,000 fine each, it was determined by OWL officials, for "inappropriate chat during a league match."

This is the result of their out of place banter that took place this weekend, during the official OWL game between  Los Angeles Valiant and San Francisco Shock.  During the stats screen, Lastro started to randomly type some stuff in chat, which is public and seen on stream. He wrote various things, but most importantly, he wrote "big dick" and "sex", which was then followed by confusion and laughs.

Matthew' Super' DeLisi tried to stop all of this by explaining to them that it can all be seen live on stream, but it was already too late since Lastro was joined by Rascal, who repeated his" big dick" message. Some of the teammates found it funny, while observes typed "?????" to try and push inappropriate language out of sight.

After the match, Lastro realized what had he done, and came out with public apology on his Twitter.

In the end, the punishment wasn't that severe, but it is there nonetheless, as a message for others to be more careful and think before doing something they could later regret.