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Latest Overwatch patch nerfs Roadhog and adjust spray patterns to multiple heroes

The offtank one-shot killing machine became too powerful after a heavy nerf to shield heroes, with Blizzard working swiftly to tone him down.
Latest Overwatch patch nerfs Roadhog and adjust spray patterns to multiple heroes

Overwatch solved the double shield problem, but a new one arose in the shape of the one-shot killing machine, an issue they're now working to fix -- Roadhog.

Players were growing frustrated at both professional and high-level ranked play about the so-called "boring" double shield meta, as heroes like Orisa and Sigma were too oppressive and not as fun to play as other tank characters.

After an initial balance patch that aggressively nerfed shields (the one teams in the Overwatch League playoffs are currently competing in), Roadhog started dominating the ladder as his one-shot kill potential and survivability made him the perfect tank to generate space for the rest of his team. 

roadhog nerf
(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)

Due to this, Blizzard has decided to directly tone down the amount of damage he does with his scrap gun, from 7 to 6 for each pellet, for a total amount of 150 if he connects a direct shot.

Another important change is the removal of randomised shotgun spray patterns, making the damage more reliable for characters like D.va, Reaper, Ashe, or Doomfist.

Take a look a the complete patch notes down below.

Overwatch 10th September Patch Notes



  • Shotgun patterns no longer apply random rotation. This will affect the following heroes:
    • Ashe
    • Doomfist
    • D.Va
    • Reaper
    • Roadhog
    • Torbjörn


 Scrap Gun


  • Projectile damage reduced from 7 to 6 (150 total per shot)


 Rivet Gun

 Secondary Fire

  • Recovery increased from 0.6 to 0.8 seconds
  • Damage increased from 10.5 to 12.5 per projectile (125 total per shot)