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London Spitfire won't play any Overwatch League matches until May

The London squad travelled to Korea for safety reasons and confirmed they'll keep prioritizing player's health over the League's scheduling.

Soon after London Spitfire announced they were leaving North America and allowing their players to go home and quarantine themselves in South Korea, fans were expecting an update on when they would be able to watch Season 1 champs back in action.

Now, the Overwatch League squad confirmed that they will keep players safety in mind and above all, with a statement via social media, saying London won't show up for matches until May.



London was set to play in the newly formed North America East division but plans quickly changed when they moved to Korea.

There's still no information regarding the rest of the teams playing in the Asian division and whether the quarantine will affect their ability to play.

The current teams in the Asian division are the Chengdu Hunters, Hangzhou Spark, Guangzhou Charge, Shanghai Dragons, and Vancouver Titans, a team that recently - like London - moved to Korea for safety reasons.

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