Montecristo teams up with Cloud9 after leaving Overwatch League

Following his departure from the Overwatch League, caster Montecristo has announced his new partnership with Cloud9.
Montecristo teams up with Cloud9 after leaving Overwatch League

Christopher “Montecristo” Mykles led the charge of casters who left the Overwatch League behind ahead of its third season, and now we know his next career move.  

Announcing his next role in a comical video on Twitter, Montecristo pulled off his Overwatch League jacket to reveal a Cloud9 jersey underneath.  

Explaining his decision, Montecristo wrote: “Jokes aside, what this means is that I will be making content my way with Cloud9.  

“I will also be partnering with them on designing competitive products that will be announced shortly. I appreciate the fact that C9 embraces my creative vision and goals.”

Montecristo announced his departure from OWL late last year, explaining how it was due to “irreconcilable creative and philosophical differences between myself and the league’s current leadership.” 

Montecristo has been an Overwatch League caster since it began in 2018, and became a prominent voice within the community after casting numerous other Overwatch tournaments.  

His exit was followed by many casters similarly announcing their departure, including Chris Puckett, Malik Forte, Erik “DoA” Lonqquist and Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat.  

Casting this year’s OWL will be Brennon “Bren” Hook and Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, along with former pro Jake “JAKE” Lyon and Andrew “ZP” Rush.  

The Overwatch League has come under closer scrutiny following this wave of exits, with questions remaining over how the current management will impact the competitive scene’s future.  

The Overwatch League’s third season begins on 8 February.