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Are Overwatch 2 Twitch drops not working? How to fix

Twitch users are reporting that after completing the required viewing time to earn Overwatch 2 drops, they are not getting access to the beta.
Are Overwatch 2 Twitch drops not working? How to fix

The Overwatch 2 closed beta started with a bang, revitalizing a dying community starved for content and attracting the eyes of millions of Twitch users looking to get early access to the FPS.

As the game broke the all-time Overwatch viewership record, accruing over 1.5 concurrent viewers across multiple streamers showcasing the PvP Overwatch 2 closed beta, thousands of players got excited when they earned Twitch Drops for the game.

On 27th April, if users accumulated a total of four hours of watch time on select streamers playing the Overwatch 2 beta, they'd be entitled to Twitch Drops that would allow them to play the closed beta themselves.

Overwatch 2 beta Twitch Drops not working - How to fix

Overwatch's community manager warned fans of potential delays redeeming drops. (Picture: Andy Belford)

Hundreds of users complained via social media after watching Overwatch 2 streams for the required four hours, explaining that they couldn't access the closed beta.

Andy Belford, Overwatch Community Manager, explained that drops are not immediate, and it'll take time to reflect them for users that successfully redeemed them.

"Drops don't redeem immediately. There's going to be a bit of delay in between you claiming, and seeing the Tech Beta client in your launcher 2. We're working on increasing server capacity now, sorry for anyone dropping from game!" Belford tweeted out.

Hours later, the official Overwatch Twitter account told users that many of the players trying to redeem drops didn't actually have their Blizzard.net account linked to their Twitch usernames.

Even for those that did follow all the steps correctly, the process to see the drops reflected on their Overwatch launcher would take a while.

play overwatch beta drops
Players are still not getting access to the Overwatch 2 beta. (Picture: PlayOverwatch)

"We have finished investigating reports for players who have claimed their Beta drop but not yet received access to the Beta: Many of these players have not yet actually linked their Battle.net account to their Twitch account and must do that first," the tweet reads.

So there you have it. If you have your accounts linked, watched the required amount of hours and are still waiting for the Twitch Drops to reflect on your launcher, giving you access to the Overwatch 2 closed beta, all you can do is wait patiently.

Blizzard has promised more closed and open betas for Overwatch 2 in the near future, so don't feel too sad if you do end up missing this first wave of gameplay, as there will be more opportunities to test the sequel.

For more on all things related to the Overwatch 2, including hero guides, tier lists, and more check out our dedicated section. We'll be sure to update the tab regularly and keep you in the loop with all the Overwatch 2 action.


Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.