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Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event: All new skins and how to unlock

Cat Sombra is here to hack everyone's hearts as Blizzard celebrates the game's fifth year with some of the most amazing-looking skins Overwatch has ever seen.
Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event: All new skins and how to unlock

Despite no real new content in years at this point, Overwatch loyalists who still enjoy and stick around Blizzard's FPS have been rewarded with a constant slew of skins with each new event, and the Anniversary is no different. 

As one of the biggest celebrations in the game, the Anniversary event features every single skin available via Loot Boxes and all seasonal modes for a limited period of time, however, the highlights are always the Legendary and Epic skins that can be acquired during the duration of the event.

Without further ado, let's check out all the new skins available during the 2021 Anniversary event.

Overwatch 2021 Anniversary - Legendary skins

These skins will be available via Loot Boxes, but can also be purchased with 3,000 Gold.

Sombra Black Cat

Sombra black cat

Baptiste Funky

baptiste funky

Doomfist Gladiator


Junkrat Junkfood


Moira Venus


Overwatch 2021 Anniversary - Legendary skins

For these skins, players are required to compete in a total of 27 matches across different modes, these can be quick play, ranked, or any LTM. Wins count as two matches.

These have a limited amount of time to be unlocked, so better rack those games fast. 

Cybermedic Ana - From 18th May to 25th May


Bird of Paradise Echo - From 25th May to 1st June


8 Ball Wrecking Ball - From 1st June to 8th June

8 Ball Wrecking Ball

There you have it! The Anniversary event runs from 18th May to 8th June so there's plenty of time to get all those sweet cosmetics.


All images courtesy of Blizzard.