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Overwatch reveals new hero Echo

After a couple of teasers, it now finally seems clear that the Overwatch Hero 32 is an omnic called Echo.
Overwatch reveals new hero Echo

Blizzard has now dropped a trailer confirming Echo is the next hero coming to Overwatch. 

You can check out the trailer below which dives into Echo's origins. 

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Blizzard loves their teasers, that's for sure!

In the latest series of teaser tweets this week, we were slowly being introduced to the new hero.

The first tweet from Monday showed us a personal log of Dr. Mina Liao, where she talks about the Omnics, and that we, as humanity, must understand that Artificial Life is still fundamentally life.

Log mentions that Omnics started to behave strangely lately, believing to have souls just as humans and that they "hear the music." She mentions her new project and says she “can only hope that this project can change the conversation,” in regards to violence and oppression against Omnics.

The second tweet was from yesterday and was a bit more ominous than the first one. It's a short audio recording of, presumably, Dr. Liao. She's clearly in a stressful situation. There's some kind of an explosion, which implies either some catastrophe or a possible attack on the facility at her location at the moment of recording.

Finally, the last teaser tweet from today show's some files, and on them a clear picture of a familiar white container with blue markings. It's the same one we saw back in Novembar 2018, in "Reunion," BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch short, which you can watch below.

After McCree meets and defeats Ashe and her Deadlock Gang goons, he opens this same container, and in it, he finds Echo. He explains the situation and sends her to help Overwatch. Interestingly, she was inside the payload in Route 66, although she could not be seen, and she was later removed alongside the release of the Reunion.

Echo was initially named Iris during the Project Titan development (canceled Blizzard MMO game, which later served as a base for creating Overwatch). Titan's concept art of her shows that she had Particle Beam, Speed Boost, and Shield as her abilities (Zarya/Lucio mix).

BlizzCon 2019 Zero Hour cinematic for Overwatch 2 shows that she will have a prominent role in the future, and Jeff Kaplan himself confirmed her importance, saying that she'll have a crucial part in the large story that is yet to unfold.