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Overwatch League 2022 - How to get Luchador Reaper skin

The first tournament-specific Overwatch skin is live, with damage hero Reaper donning a classic Mexican luchador outfit, here's how to get it.
Overwatch League 2022 - How to get Luchador Reaper skin

Cosmetics are a big incentive for viewers to tune in to the Overwatch League, with the first tournament skin finally revealed, the Luchador Reaper.

What separates these skins from others is that they can only be bought with League Tokens, unlike regular cosmetics that drop from Loot Boxes or can be purchased with Gold, while you can get League Tokens with real-life currencies, the best way to accrue them is by watching the Overwatch League.

As previously announced, OWL 2022 will feature a total of four different skins, one per tournament leading to the post-season. With the Kickoff Clash qualifiers still going, the Luchador Reaper skin has made its way into the game.

luchador reaper concept art
The Luchador Reaper skin concept art. (Picture: David Kang/Blizzard Entertainment)

Known as Gabriel Reyes during his Overwatch days, the California-born character is of Hispanic descent, with Lead Concept Artist David Kang wanting to pay homage to Mexican culture in particular. “I grew up in LA surrounded by Mexican culture and always had a fascination with luchadors. Mexican wrestling was always a theme I wanted to implement in the game and I thought that the Kickoff Clash tournament was the best time and fit for the skin.”

This isn't the only Reaper skin that pays tribute to Mexican culture, with the character donning a Mariachi outfit as one of his first Legendary skins. The new Luchador Reaper won't be available for long, so here's how you can get your hands on it as soon as possible.

Luchador Reaper skin in Overwatch - How to get

luchador reaper
The Luchador Reaper will be available for a limited time. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

The Luchador Reaper will be available from 17th May to 25th June, when the Kickoff Clash tournament will end, leading up to the Midseason Madness qualifiers. Players can now buy the Luchador Reaper skin for 200 League Tokens.

How to get Overwatch League Tokens

Five League Tokens will be given out each hour you tune in to the Overwatch League on YouTube. Before anything else, you must make sure your Battle.net and YouTube accounts are linked. You can verify this by clicking right here.

If you're trying to get drops via embedded players or using the YouTube app on TV or media devices such as consoles, you won't get any, be mindful of that. As a final reminder, the English, French, and Korean Overwatch League broadcasts are eligible, so you can tune in to your favourite.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.