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Overwatch League makes some big last minute adjustments to their online-only schedule

OWL cancelled seven matches from the original plan for Week 8 while adding a new one. Spitfire, NYXL, and Vancouver were completely removed.
Overwatch League makes some big last minute adjustments to their online-only schedule

Overwatch League will finally return with a new online format this weekend. With the need to speed things up, Blizzard originally crammed 16 matches in two days, however, they were forced to cancel seven of them, due to various reasons, while adding an extra clash in. 



The seven cut matches were the following:

  • Paris Eternal vs London Spitfire
  • New York Excelsior vs Atlanta Reign
  • Florida Mayhem vs Washington Justice
  • Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty
  • New York Excelsior vs Boston Uprising
  • Toronto Defiant vs London Spitfire
  • Vancouver Titans vs Dallas Fuel

Meanwhile, the added match will be played between Los Angeles Valiant and Seoul Dynasty.

While we didn't get confirmation as to why some of these matches were scrapped, we do know why squads like Vancouver, Spitfire, or NYXL aren't making an appearance.

The London organization announced on March 25th that they were going to relocate the squad to Korea, making it near impossible for the matches to be played online - The Vancouver General Manager confirmed this was the approach the Titans are taking as well.

As for Excelsior, no plans were announced for them to relocate outside North America, but they decided to step away from competition due to the nature of the crisis happening in New York, which is the most affected city in all of the United States by the Covid-19 pandemic.



Overwatch League returns this Saturday, March 28th, starting at 8 am GMT with the match between Guangzhou Charge and the Shanghai Dragons.