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Overwatch League’s Mica and Danny announce departure days before 2020 season

Ahead of the Overwatch League’s return this weekend, broadcast talent Danny Lim and Mica Burton have both announced they won’t be coming back.
  • Mica Burton and Danny Lim have announced they won't return to OWL 2020
  • It follows a wave of casters and players leaving before the new season
  • Blizzard has confirmed the return of some past talent

You might have thought the mass exodus of Overwatch League talent would stabilise days before the event, but it isn’t quite over yet.  

Interviewers and hosts Mica Burton and Danny Lim have both announced they won’t return for this year’s Overwatch League season, two days before the opening weekend.  

In a statement on Twitter, Mica wrote: “Things have been so crazy lately I almost forgot to say – I too will not be joining OWL 2020 as full time talent.  

“Overwatch gave me my start in esports and I will love and cherish the team and my fellow broadcasters FOREVER. See you on another stage someday soon.” 

Similarly, Danny explained he was going freelance and wouldn’t be joining Overwatch League 2020.  

After hosting the Overwatch World Cup in 2018, Danny and Mica became hosting regulars in OWL 2019, with the former interviewing and translating for Korean players.  

While it’s unclear if anyone will replace Danny and Mica, OWL did announce the return of Seth “Achilios” King and Wolf Schroder as casting analysts.

This year’s OWL will see the likes of Brennon “Bren” Hook and Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson on the casting desk, while former pro Jake Lyon and Andrew “ZP” Rush will also cast matches.  

Overwatch League 2020 kicks off this weekend with the opening match between Toronto Defiant and Paris Eternal on Saturday 8th February. 

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