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Overwatch League pro cosplays as Tifa, community thirsts for him

San Francisco Shock's Super, err, shocked fans by revealing a very accurate Tifa Lockhart cosplay.
Overwatch League pro cosplays as Tifa, community thirsts for him

The Overwatch League offseason has barely begun and main tank Matthew "Super" DeLisi has made sure roster moves are the last thing everyone's talking about with his surprisingly accurate Tifa Lockhart cosplay.

The two-time OWL champion, who recently signed a contract extension that will see him rep the San Francisco Shock one more year, is no stranger to cosplaying female characters, previously sporting Natsuki's look from Doki Doki Literature Club, with his Final Fantasy VII inspired outfit toppling it for many fans.

Super overwatch tifa cosplay
Super is no stranger to cosplaying female videogame characters. (Picture: Super)

Similar to his Natsuki cosplay, the idea of transforming into one of gaming's most iconic female heroines came via a subgoal on his Twitch stream, with viewers finally getting rewarded (or punished, depending on who you ask) for their efforts.

Oddly enough, Super, an avid gamer in his own right, often dabbling in variety content following his Overwatch ranked grind, had yet to play Final Fantasy VII, either the original or Remake, using this opportunity to finally see what all the Tifa fuss was about during his 26th October stream.

super tifa overwatch cosplay
The similarities are uncanny. (Picture: Super)

The first indication of a Tifa cosplay actually came all the way back in December, when Super revealed a fan had sent him parts of the outfit, with things like the wig and boots missing to complete it.

As we've mentioned, plenty of fans and even players are enjoying Super's brand-new look, with former teammate and current Houston Outlaws DPS Dante "Danteh" Cruz demanding to know why he never dressed up in a similar fashion when they were roommates. 

Will we ever see Super come out for an Overwatch League match in a full Widowmaker cosplay? Only time will tell. 


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Featured image courtesy of Super/Square Enix.