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Overwatch League reveals 2020 All-Star skins featuring D.Va and Reinhardt

Both Legendary skins will be available from 29th September to 12th October, costing 200 OWL Tokens each.
Overwatch League reveals 2020 All-Star skins featuring D.Va and Reinhardt

As the Overwatch League reaches the end of its third season, a new set of All-Star skins were revealed, this time featuring tank duo D.Va and Reinhardt.

With 2018 showing some love to DPS heroes (Genji and Tracer), and 2019 doing the same with supports (Lucio and Mercy), this year, fans of the damage soaking characters will be able to spend their OWL Tokens in a couple of slick-looking skins which were shown off via social media. 


Reinhardt's skin features a wooden-styled armour with a glowing tree symbol right at the centre while D.Va's predominantly white and blue meka has its antennas replaced with two small wings, which also show up in the lower part near the mechanised robot's legs. 

(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)

How to get Overwatch All-Star Skins

Both skins, going by prices set for other All-Star Skins, will set you back 200 OWL Tokens. 

If you've watched OWL through the official channels with your Blizzard account linked, you'll get these for free, however, you can still buy them using regular money, with 100 Tokens costing around $5.

These skins will only be available from 29th September through 12th October, becoming impossible to acquire after said date, so be sure to get your hands on them as soon as you can.