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Overwatch League unvaulted MVP and Championship skins: Cost, how to get and more

Here's your chance to grab some of the most exclusive Overwatch skins in the game.
Overwatch League unvaulted MVP and Championship skins: Cost, how to get and more

Overwatch League has surprised fans by revealing that a select number of vaulted MVP and Championship skins will make their way back into the game for a limited amount of time.

These skins, which are granted to the most valuable player of a season as well to teams strong enough to win the Overwatch League, have been available in previous years for a very limited amount of time, making them a rare commodity. 

Sadly, starting with Overwatch League 2021, there won't be any new MVP skins, meaning fans will only have the Championship ones to look forward to in the near future.

OWL Vaulted skins - Release date

zenyatta owl skin
Jjonak had the honour of receiving the first OWL MVP skin. (Picture: Overwatch League)

Overwatch League announced via their official site that four skins will make their way back to the game. These are:

  • Zen-Nakji: designed with the input of inaugural season MVP Seong-Hyun “Jjonak” Bang, this skin is a deep-sea take on his signature hero, Zenyatta.
  • Flying Ace: to celebrate the London Spitfire’s 2018 championship, this skin puts a whimsical twist on a vintage design for Winston.
  • GOAT: this Brigitte skin pays homage to the meta that—love it or hate it—dominated the 2019 season and features plenty of goat details.
  • Thunder: this Doomfist skin incorporates a volcanic theme and subtle team details to commemorate the San Francisco Shock’s 2019 title.

They will be available starting on 11th August all the way through the 24th.

OWL Vaulted skins - Cost

winston flying ace skin
London Spitfire earned the first Championship skin. (Picture: Overwatch League)

Each skin will have a cost of 200 League tokens. Players can use real-life currency to buy tokens, but can also be earned for free by tuning to the Overwatch League during the Countdown Cup

Do you want to make sure you are logged in to receive the rewards? Follow these steps and you'll be good to go.

  • Create or log in to your Blizzard account on overwatchcontenders.com.
  • View a live stream of a match during the promotion period.

If you're a console player, you are required to link your Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo accounts. Here's how to do so.

Blizzard Site

To link your console and Blizzard accounts, log in to your Connections in your Account Management page and click the Connect button next to the console you want to link. This will send you to your console's website.


To link from in-game in Overwatch:

  • In Options, select the Link Accounts tab.
  • Click Link Account (this opens a browser).
  • Log in with your Blizzard account.
  • Accept the permissions to the Blizzard app and click Continue to complete the connection.

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