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Overwatch reveals date and new skins for the Anniversary event

Starting on May 19th, players will get a chance to earn some of the best skins in the game, including the new Little Red Ashe Legendary.
Overwatch reveals date and new skins for the Anniversary event
Overwatch's Anniversary is one of the most anticipated seasonal events by the community thanks to being the only one that allows players to obtain skins, emotes, and voice lines as well as play season-specific brawls that are only available at certain dates. Meaning, for example, you could get that last skin you missed from the previous Halloween event.

Blizzard finally revealed the dates for 2020's event, confirming it will run from May 19th up to June 9th.



On top of it, we got our first look at a new Legendary skin, which will cost players 3,000 gold: a Little Red Riding Hood themed Ashe outfit, which includes Bob disguised as the Big Bad Wolf.


Ashe, a hitscan damage-dealer revealed at Blizzcon 2018 has received some of the best Legendary event skins in the game, so it's no surprise Blizzard would treat her with an iconic look in pop culture.

For the Halloween 2019 festivities, Ashe got a Warlock skin inspired by World of Warcraft, with B.O.B serving as an Infernal.


Overwatch Anniversary event skins release date
(Picture: Blizzard)


As part of the Archives event, Ashe's background as a high rolling aristocrat came to light with the Socialite skin, depicting long time servant B.O.B as a butler this time around.


Overwatch Socialite anniversary overwatch skins
(Picture: Blizzard)


Fans will hope no issues come with the latest Little Red Ashe skin, as there were huge complaints with the Warlock's gun that utilized a very intrusive reticle that was eventually changed in a hotfix days after its release.


Overwatch halloween ashe skin
Side by side comparison (Picture: Blizzard)

You’ll be able to get all these skins when the Anniversary celebrations begin on May 19th.