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Overwatch's SVB Shares How False Sexual Misconduct Allegations Nearly Ruined His Life

Overwatch creator SVB recently reflected on a hoax alleging he was involved in sexual misconduct and grooming that nearly destroyed his life.
Overwatch's SVB Shares How False Sexual Misconduct Allegations Nearly Ruined His Life

Overwatch content creator SVB recently came under fire and was canceled after a Twitlonger falsely claiming he was involved in grooming and sexual misconduct began circulating online. On 12th August 2022, SVB responded to the allegations after accuser “Niaplaysow” confessed that they fabricated evidence to see “how easy it is to cancel someone.”

Despite the incident being a hoax, SVB received massive backlash from Overwatch fans and the broader online community. In his response on YouTube, SVB reflected on how the allegations nearly ruined his life and announced that he would temporarily retire from Overwatch.

How False Evidence Nearly Ruined Overwatch Creator SVB

SVB accused sexual misconduct claim false hoax
SVB was accused of sexual misconduct; the accuser later rescinded the claims, citing it was a hoax. (Picture: Twitter / SVB)

The allegations were initially put forward by Twitter user Niaplaysow (later revealed to be “SwagTortoiseOW”) on 10th August 2022, along with falsified Discord conversations between them and SVB. Accordingly, Niaplaysow claimed the Overwatch creator had "groomed" and solicited explicit photos from them.

Followingly, while he was streaming, SVB was subject to massive backlash resulting in him being canceled online. Notably, several verified journalists sided with the alleged victim without first reaching out to SVB for comment regarding the validity of the sexual misconduct allegations.

svb accusser fake claim fabricated cancel culture
SVB's accuser later confirmed that the claims were a hoax to see how "easy" it was to cancel someone. (Picture: Twitter / Bogur)

Following the barrage of harassment, SwagTortoiseOW (Niaplaysow) came forward with an image with both accounts, proving they were Niaplaysow. They further noted that the Twitlonger was a hoax to see “how easy it was to cancel someone” and to show the “cringe” within the community.

SVB Responds And Takes A Break From Overwatch

svb overwatch content creator
SVB is an Overwatch content creator. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

SVB's response on 12th August 2022 comprised a 17-minute YouTube video detailing his initial reaction upon reading the Twitlonger to the emotions felt facing the barrage of hateful comments from the online community, despite his innocence. SVB also described how he felt knowing that the career he spent six years building would be wiped in an instant due to a lie.

The Overwatch creator began his video by not discrediting the seriousness of being truthful or coming out as a victim. Instead, the Twitch streamer acknowledged women’s complexity and challenges when addressing sexual misconduct and solidified the strength they needed to come forward.

“The reason that false accusations of sexual misconduct are incredibly rare is [that] for real women, it’s a huge uphill task to even come out and speak about their experiences," SVB said.

The Overwatch creator continued by saying, “This was not a real woman, [or a victim of sexual misconduct]; this was a fake account and perhaps what’s sad is no one really bothered whether to investigate the [account in the first place].”

SVB continued to discuss the devastating experience of losing his career because of a lie, addressing the harshness and judgment he received. SVB noted how people had no “diligence” to at least give him “a chance to reply.”

SVB asks people patient kind before cancelling
SVB asked people to be more "patient and kind" before canceling someone based on unjustified claims. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Concluding, the Overwatch creator revealed that he would be taking a step back from the scene and asked people to be more “kind.” He said, “a good person is patient and kind. Kind when there’s doubt or confusion. [...] I hope in the future, should anything like this ever happen, we all take the time to show a little kindness to show a little patience."

SVB continued, “and to give all parties the benefit of the doubt. To give everyone a chance to rebuttal, a chance to tell their story, a chance to speak before they’re condemned and written off as an irredeemable human being.”

As of writing, the Twitter accounts of Niaplaysow and SwagTortoiseOW have been deleted. Furthermore, while SVB's reputation has largely been remedied, he maintains his decision to take a step back from Overwatch for the time being, with no promised schedule for when he intends to return.

You can watch SVB's official response above for more information and context.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / SVB.