Overwatch update brings Sigma, role queue, tank buffs

The latest Overwatch update has brought Sigma, competitive role queue and various tank changes to the live servers.
Overwatch update brings Sigma, role queue, tank buffs



Sigma, Overwatch's 31st hero, has been added to live servers after three weeks on the PTR. The 'eccentric astrophysicist' Talon Tank will be using his bouncing Hyperspheres, throwing Accretion-generated rocks and Experimental Barrier mobile shields and generating shields with Kinetic Grasp in the majority of games this month as players find the best ways to use him.

Following the 2-2-2 rule's introduction to OWL, role queue has been experimented with in the PTR too. It is finally in the game and will see players locked into their role to prevent GOATs or five DPS, one Healer setups leading to one-sided or boring games.


Various heroes have seen adjustments with this update, with the big general change increasing all hero ultimate costs by 12%, but the Tanks have been given special focus. D.Va's Pilot ultimate cost has been balanced to remain the same as before this cost change, Reinhardt has a new passive ability called 'Steadfast' which reduces knock back effects by 30% and Wrecking Ball's Minefield has been buffed to allow for more situational use.

The only Tank nerf is in the form of Orisa having her Protective Barrier cooldown increased to nine seconds, up from eight. Tracer's Pulse Bomb has been buffed to increase its effectiveness to once again allow it to do more damage to Tanks and counter the likes of Bastion or Brigitte-armoured foes.

Some further changes to DPS Heroes Ashe, Doomfist, Hanzo, Sombra and Symmetra have also been added, mostly relating to ability cooldowns, while Healer Brigitte has seen multiple changes to her entire kit to try enable her to be a more primary Healer.

The full patch notes can be viewed on the Overwatch website here and the update is now live across PC, PS4 and Xbox servers.