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Watch gameplay of Echo, the latest Overwatch character

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch's game director, showed off the newest and most insane looking DPS hero during TimTheTatman's Twitch stream.
Watch gameplay of Echo, the latest Overwatch character
Ever since she was teased back at Blizzcon in 2018, Overwatch fans have speculated and eagerly waited for Echo to be added to the vast cast of heroes that Blizzard's first-person shooter boasts. 

Now, during Timthetatman's Twitch stream we finally got our first look at how the latest damage dealer plays after she was revealed at the start of the week.


The Basics

First off, Echo is a projectile-based DPS character, which means her primary fire, the Tri-Shot, has a slight travel time, being able to fire up to 15 orbs with no fall-off -aching to that of Zenyatta's- before having to reload. 



With 200HP, she's not the tankiest damage dealer, however, her Flight ability compensates with a lot of mobility - a six-second cooldown that allows her to hover and control the position she's in for three seconds before either gliding down to safety or free-falling to avoid being an easy target for the enemy team. 


Sticky Bombs

Echo's damage output seems crazy and this is one of her many tools that suggest she's going to be a force to be reckoned with- throwing up to six bombs that detonate briefly after being stuck on a surface or enemy team, this six-second cooldown allows her to create a massive amount of burst damage that could possibly negate things like Zenyatta's transcendence or any other defensive support ultimate in the game.



Focusing Beam 

Perhaps one of the craziest things in Echo's kit, the Focusing Beam is a very unique ability in Overwatch. Unlike other beamlike users like Zarya or Symmetra, Echo's one is on an eight-second cooldown, furthermore, it only does 50 damage per second, that is until you unleash it on a target below half HP, then it does a massive 200 DPS, and yes, this includes damage to barriers which will inevitably be melted down.





Now for the huge reveal, Echo's ultimate is quite possibly a game-changing one - she can copy an enemy hero and gain the use of their abilities for up to 15 seconds. Not only that, but the ultimate gain rate also gets a 650% bump, so theoretically, you can press Q around three times before your own ultimate runs out, granted, you'd need to maximize your time as the copied hero to an insane degree to achieve this.



Echo is currently available to try out on Overwatch's Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC, with no official announcement concerning her release on the proper servers.