Year of the Rat Lunar New Year celebrations coming to Overwatch

The next in-game event will celebrate Chinese New Year with a selection of new and returning skins, voice lines, introductions and emotes expected to be released.
Year of the Rat Lunar New Year celebrations coming to Overwatch

Overwatch fans will not have to wait for the next in-game event as festivities are set to begin soon.

The Lunar New Year event celebrating the Year of the Rat will run from 16th January to 5th February.

The previous event, Winter Wonderland 2019, finished on 2nd January and saw seven new skins added as well as cosmetics through weekly challenges.

New items will be coming to celebrate Lunar New Year, but players already saw a murine item thanks to the Legendary skin Rat King Reaper during the previous event.


Rat King Reaper (Credit: Blizzard)

One of the new Year of the Rat Legendary skins will be Face Changer Sombra. This skin will see the mask covering her face cycle through different designs.

Last year's Year of the Pig brought new seasonal items including the legendary skins Lü Bu Reaper, Guan Yu Reinhardt, Zhuge Liang Zenyatta, Hong Gildong Tracer, Zhang Fei Torbjörn, and Huang Zhong Hanzo. These will be available once again in loot boxes and directly with Credits.

Leaks for this year suggest skins will also be released for Brigette, Doomfist, Lucio, Moira, Winston and Wrecking Ball.

Additional introductions, emotes and voice lines can also be expected as well as a return of all previous Lunar New Year items. A GOAT skin for Brigette will also be hitting Overwatch servers next month to commemorate the meta that came to dominate competitive matches.

The celebrations come at a time of turmoil for the Overwatch League, with numerous talent announcing their departure ahead of the 2020 Season.