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All Palworld Alpha Pals: Locations & Levels

We pinpoint the precise locations of all Alpha Pals in Palworld so you can catch these powerful creatures, and outline the level requirements of each one.
All Palworld Alpha Pals: Locations & Levels

Are you ready for a challenge, Pal Tamers? Then, you will want to seek out the locations of Alpha Pals in Palworld and either capture them or kill them. These are akin to boss fights in the field, so strap in!

We'll outline all 43 Alpha Pals and where they spawn in Palworld, alongside their level, when you first encounter these beasts, so let's jump in.

Palworld Alpha Pals & Levels

palworld alpha pal locations level requirements weaknesses how to get ancient tech points
I might have built my first home a bit too close to Alpha Pal Mammorest...(Picture: Wessel/PocketPair)

These powerful boss Pals are not to be trifled with and can quickly demolish you and your co-op partners, as well as combat Pals, if you are well below their level. To this end, we've first listed all the Alpha Pals in Palworld and their levels in-game so you know when to take them on.

Alpha Pal Level Alpha Pal Level
Mammorest 38 Menasting 44
Mossanda Lux 31 Nitewing 18
Paladius and Necromus 50 Penking 15
Petallia 28 Quivern 23
Relaxaurus Lux 31 Sibelyx 40
Suzaku 45 Sweepa 11
Univolt 31 Vaelet 38
Verdash 35 Warsect 30
Wumpo Botan 38 Anubis 47
Astegon 48 Azurobe 17
Beakon 29 Blazamut 49
Broncherry 23 Broncherry Aqua 30
Bushi 23 Chillet 11
Dinossom Lux 47 Dumud 14
Elizabee 31 Elphidran 30
Felbat 23 Fenglope 25
Frostallion 50 Grintale 17
Gumoss 11 Ice Kingpaca 46
Jetragon 50 Jormuntide 45
Katress 23 Kingpaca 23
Lunaris 32 Lyleen Noct 49

Pro tip: Consult your Paldeck after encountering an Alpha Pal. You'll find its elemental weaknesses and important aspects to consider when trying to catch one of these powerful creatures.

All Alpha Pal Locations in Palworld

Below, you'll find a map pinpointing the precise locations of all Alpha Pals in Palworld. The map is thanks to MapGenie, a fantastic resource for anything you would like to find on Palworld's vast and mysterious Palpagos Island.

palworld alpha pal locations level requirements weaknesses how to get ancient tech points
All Alpha Pal spawn locations in Palworld. Enjoy! (Picture: MapGenie.io)

Keep in mind that some of these Pals might be in caves, and others do roam around a bit. We found that Mammorest, for example, roams quite a large area, so head to the locations on the map and look around a bit to spot these Alpha Pals.

If you want to learn a lot more about Palworld, then check out Asmongold's awesome video below, showing late-game activities, including a Jormuntide Alpha Pal kill!

That's everything you need to know about finding the locations of Alpha Pals in Palworld, alongside the recommended levels you should attempt to take them down or catch them! If anything changes, we will update this article faster than a Lamball can roll away from danger.