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How To Earn Money Fast In Phasmophobia

Want to earn more money quickly in Phasmophobia? Here's how to make more cash fast.
How To Earn Money Fast In Phasmophobia

Money makes the world go around, and Phasmophobia is no different; you'll need cash to buy new tools to go ghost-hunting, as well as special items to help you out like Sanity Pills and Candles. But how do you earn money quickly in Phasmophobia? If you're a new player, you might be wondering about the best tricks, tips, and strategies for earning more cash in this new horror game.

If you're wondering how to make more money in Phasmophobia, wonder no more. In this guide, we'll explain how to make money fast in Phasmophobia.

Play On Phasmophobia's Harder Difficulties

phasmophobia insanity difficulty
The more challenging the ghost hunt, the better the payout. (Picture: Kinetic Game)

There are multiple difficulties available for you to choose from in Phasmophobia; the higher the difficulty, the harder the match, but the more you earn. Each difficulty level has an earnings multiplier that correlates to the challenge level; for example, Amateur difficulty has a multiplier of 1x, while Intermediate has a 2x multiplier.

If you want to get as much money as possible, try out the game's new Insanity difficulty, but beware - it's not going to be easy, even for veteran Phasmophobia ghost-hunters! The Insanity difficulty boasts a 6x reward multiplier.

Complete The Weekly Challenge

Phasmophobia's Weekly Challenges are a new but relatively simple and quick way to earn a little bit of extra cash outside of your usual ghost-hunting adventures. The Weekly Challenge refreshes every Monday and asks you to complete a unique task, such as identifying a ghost three times without the help of Sanity pills or throwing you into a trial where Sanity does not count at all. Weekly Challenges usually pay you $3000 for completing them.

Complete Objectives

When you load in to your match in Phasmophobia, you'll start out in your truck, where you can view your team's objectives - along with some information about the ghost - on a whiteboard. Completing each of these three objectives will reward you with more cash.

Some objectives include:

  1. Find evidence of paranormal activity with an EMF Reader
  2. Capture a photo of the ghost
  3. Detect a ghost's presence with a Motion Sensor
  4. Have a member of the team escape the Ghost during a Hunt

Take Photos Of Ghosts And Evidence

ghost phasmophobia
Taking photos of Ghosts and other evidence can help you rake in some extra money. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Taking photos of ghosts and evidence is another way that you can earn money in Phasmophobia. Taking photos won't net you as much cash as other ways to earn money, but it's still worth doing since it only takes a second. Plus, taking a photo can sometimes help you complete some of your match objectives.

You'll earn more money for rarer and clearer photos, and less money for blurry, common images.

Those are the quickest ways to earn money in Phasmophobia; if you're a ghost hunter trying to save up for some new equipment, take advantage of these fast money-making strategies to fill up your pockets with dough!

If those strategies just aren't cutting it for you, you can try the Phasmopobia infinite money glitch to manually give yourself as much cash as you want.