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What Is Freezing Temps In Phasmophobia? Range Answered

If you're wondering what freezing temperatures are in Phasmophobia, we've got you covered with this guide.
What Is Freezing Temps In Phasmophobia? Range Answered

There are a lot of different types of evidence in the horror game Phasmophobia that allow you to identify the presence of a Ghost in the area, and one of those types of evidence is freezing temperatures. If the temperatures drop below a certain level, you'll know that you're dealing with a Ghost that can make the temperature drop extremely low!

If you're new to Phasmophobia, you might be wondering how you can track freezing temperatures in Phasmophoia and identify which Ghosts are causing an area to cool down so much. In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia, including what they are and how you can obtain this evidence.

3 May 2023 - Changes are coming to Freezing Temps in Phasmophobia. We've updated this article with everything you need to know.

Phasmophobia Freezing Temperature Updates

Update 3 May 2023: In the upcoming Phasmophobia v0.9 update, Freezing Temperatures will see some changes. While their range will remain the same, the Thermometer will work differently, and Cold Breath won't be quite so straightforward. Three tiers of Themometer equipment allow players to check the temperatures in different ways

Previously, players could find Freezing Temp evidence by noticing the particle effect on their breath inside the house in rooms under 0 Celsius. Now, Cold Breath appears anywhere from 5-7 Celsius, meaning that players can even see Freezing Temperatures outside and in the truck.

What Is A Freezing Temperature In Phasmophobia?

thermometer phasmophobia
Freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia are the same as freezing temperatures in real life. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

All Ghost encounters in Phasmophobia result in a drop in temperature, but only certain Ghosts have the ability to bring the temperature below freezing. Freezing temperatures are considered a type of evidence in Phasmophobia since they can help you determine the identity of a Ghost.

A freezing temperature in Phasmophobia is the same as a freezing temperature in real life -  0°C/32°F. Other Ghosts might drop the temperature pretty low, but if it doesn't hit  0°C, it's not considered freezing.

How To Track Freezing Temps In Phasmophobia

You can determine the temperature of an area using your Thermometer. If you notice that the temperature of an area dips below zero degrees Celsius, take note - you know you're dealing with a Ghost that can chill a room!

If you don't already have a Thermometer in Phasmophobia, you'll need to buy one from the game's shop. The Thermometer costs $30, so before purchasing it, you'll need to make sure you've earned enough money. It's well worth the $30, though - it's practically invaluable at higher difficulties - so don't hesitate to pick it up when you can!

Ghosts With Freezing Temperature Evidence

As we mentioned, freezing temperatures are a type of evidence - so if you notice that the temperatures drop below freezing, you know you're dealing with a particular type of Ghost.

The following Ghosts can cause temperatures to drop below zero:

  • Demon

  • Hantu

  • Jinn

  • Oni

  • Onryo

  • Revenant

  • Shade

  • The Twins

  • Yurei

That's all you need to know about freezing temperatures in Phasmophobia, including just how cold it needs to get in order for you to gather evidence of certain Ghosts.