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How to Use The Thermometer In Phasmophobia

Here's how to use the thermometer in Phasmophobia so you can gather evidence of ghosts in the game via the temperature.
How to Use The Thermometer In Phasmophobia

As almost all Phasmophobia players know, the goal of this ghost hunting game is to find evidence of ghosts and then identify which type they are by looking around map for more clues.

One way you can gather evidence of ghosts' presence in Phasmophobia is to use your very own Thermometer. If you haven't bought this item yet or you've just recently bought it, though, you might be wondering how to use it.

If you're wondering how to use the Thermometer to gather evidence in Phasmophobia, you're in luck. We're here to help with this guide to how to use the Thermometer in Phasmophobia.

May 3 2023 - Phasmophobia's Thermometer is changing soon according to a recent Development preview, so we've updated this article to reflect the upcoming changes.

Phasmophobia Thermometer Updates - Update v0.9

Phasmophobia's v0.9 Update will come with a variety of Equipment Changes and updates; one Development Preview revealed the new DOTS Projector, but the newest one showcased modifications to the Thermometer.

Following Phasmophobia's July 2023 update, the Thermometer will still be able to detect Freezing Temperatures; however, there will be three unique equipment tiers.

Thermometer Equipment Tiers

Here are the three new Thermometer Equipment tiers, descriptions courtesy of Kinetic Games:

  • Tier I is an old house-Thermometer, ripped straight off of your Investigator's living room wall. This Thermometer has a slow sample rate, meaning you'll have to wait longer to get an accurate reading. You may want to bring one in and check back on it later in the contract.
  • Tier II looks the same as the one currently in the game, however, the way you use it differs. Instead of turning it on and getting a reading every two seconds, you now have to hold the Use button to scan for temperatures. This makes running around and checking each room's temp much faster than Tier I, alongside this, scanning manually feels much more responsive, instead of updating constantly and not knowing if it's accurate or not.
  • Tier III is a straight upgrade to Tier II, completing temperature scans at double the speed of its predecessor. Additionally, this more modern Thermometer is more accurate with each reading, allowing players to quickly and efficiently scan rooms to find the ghost or to get 'Freezing Temperatures' ticked off in the Journal.

The Thermometer will also now be Starting Equipment, meaning you'll be able to get one for free at the start of any given contract.

What Is The Thermometer In Phasmophobia?

The Thermometer in Phasmophobia can be used to determine the temperature of any given area.

The temperature of rooms in Phasmophobia is important because extremely low temperatures point to ghosts in an area. If you're not keeping an eye on the temperatures, you could miss this key clue!

thermometer phasmophobia
To use the Thermometer in Phasmophobia you'll just need to hold it up in front of you and wait. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

How Does The Thermometer Work In Phasmophobia

To use the Thermometer, you'll first need to purchase it from the game's Shop and then bring it with you next time you start a ghost hunt. The Thermometer costs $30, so it's not a very pricey purchase, but it's certainly a worthwhile one.

The Thermometer will show the temperature of a room when you hold it up; if the temperature is below 10C and the Fuse Box is still on, you know you're dealing with a ghost! The Thermometer works within six meters of wherever you're standing and will only work in the direction you're looking, so be sure to look all around you when using this tool.

Note that Thermometers take a few seconds to update their temperatures, so you'll need to keep a keen eye on yours if you don't want to miss anything.

If temperatures drop below 0C, you know you have a ghost on your hands that can create Freezing Temperatures. The following ghost types can cause Freezing Temperatures:








Now you can narrow down the type of ghost you're handling and do some further investigations to determine what types of evidence are around you in your environment.