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Phasmophobia: How To Complete Hide and Seek 'Seeker' Weekly Challenge

Here's how to beat Phasmophobia's Seekers Weekly Challenge and earn the reward.
Phasmophobia: How To Complete Hide and Seek 'Seeker' Weekly Challenge
(Picture: Kinetic Games)

Phasmophobia's Weekly Challenges switch up the typical Phasmophobia gameplay flow with some new mechanics, and the Hide & Seek: Seekers Challenge is no different. In this challenge, you'll have to find a hiding ghost. Here's how to complete Phasmophobia's Hide & Seek Seekers Challenge to earn the big reward.

How To Complete The 'Hide & Seek Seekers' Challenge In Phasmophobia

In the Hide & Seek: Seekers Challenge, players are tasked with finding a "very quiet ghost" on Brownstone High School. This means that the ghost likely won't Hunt you, but it also won't give you very much evidence to work with as you attempt to narrow down their identity.

While not being Hunted is definitely a plus, it can be challenging to find the ghost's location still. Here are some tips for doing just that and finding the ghost in Phasmophobia's Hide & Seek: Seekers Challenge.

ghost phasmophobia quiet
Phasmophobia's Hide and Seekers challenge features a quiet ghost. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Use The Thermometer

One of the best ways to narrow down the ghost room is to use a Thermometer,since, even if the ghost doesn't have Freezing Temperatures evidence, the ghost room is usually colder than the surrounding rooms. Make sure you have a few in your van, and rely on temperatures to help you find your way around.

Use Sound Sensors

Even with a Thermometer, finding the ghost can be challenging on a huge map like the high school. Placing some Sound Sensors throughout can help you narrow down the ghost's location, letting you use the Thermometers afterwards to make the search area even smaller.

Be Patient

Quiet ghosts will show themselves, but only rarely. While this challenge might not be super hard, it might take some time before the ghost reveals themselves, making this one quite time-consuming. Be patient as you wait for the ghost to show themselves after you've entered the high school. Once you find them, you won't have to worry about being Hunted and can instead just focus on finding the evidence you need.