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Among Us-esque game mode could arrive to PUBG Mobile

This mode was discovered in China's version of the game, Game for Peace, and is called Inner Ghost, with gameplay similar to the Innersloth game.
Among Us-esque game mode could arrive to PUBG Mobile

Among Us became one of 2020's biggest games after its initial lukewarm release back in 2018. The indie title even won multiple end of the year awards and has seen developers like Epic mimic the gameplay with special events in Fortnite, and it seems Tencent Games is preparing to do so within PUBG Mobile as well. 

This new Among Us-esque game mode was recently discovered via gameplays uploaded to YouTube and Reddit by players of Game For Peace, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, which had to be rereleased to comply with Chinese government video game regulations.

PUBG Mobile Among Us game mode

PUBG MOBILE AMONG US(Picture: LuckyMan) 

This game mode, known as Inner Ghost, transports players to a location similar to the Among Us map called The Skeld. Players will be divided into two teams: Special Ops and Ghosts.

The objective of the game mode is simple, the Ghosts must eliminate all the members of Special Ops before they discover them, in turn, the Special Ops must complete missions and expel the Ghosts from the complex.

pubg among us(Picture: Lucky Man)

With this discovery, the game mode is expected to reach the global version in February or March, since Game for Peace is usually two patches ahead of the main version of PUBG Mobile.

However, it’s not known if this will ever see the light outside of China, due to the constant dangers of facing copyright lawsuits, as often happens in these types of cases.