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Best guns in PUBG: New State - Ranking the top 5 weapons

Here is our list of the top five guns available in PUBG: New State based on various factors, including damage, range, fire rate, and more.
PUBG: New State is a brand new battle royale game by Krafton featuring futuristic graphics and features including a new Troi map, drones, ballistic shields, and more. The game is currently in its testing phase and is expected to release globally by the end of 2021. A single match in PUBG: New State has a total of 100 players, and the goal is to kill the enemies and be the last player/ team standing.

In order to do that, players can loot various weapons, including assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, and more, from different locations on the map. Although having a good aim and gun handling skills are essential in the game, picking up the right weapon for the right situation is quite crucial too. So, we have listed here the top five guns available in PUBG: New State at the moment.

PUBG: New State - Top five guns

Below, we rank the top five best guns/weapons in PUBG: New State, counting down from 5th place to the absolute best gun to use.

5. M24

PUBG New State Best Top 5 Guns M24 AKM M416 AWM GrozaM24 in PUBG: New State. (Picture: Krafton)

M24 is a sniper rifle and spawns randomly on the maps in PUBG: New State. The gun operates on 7.62mm ammo and has the capability to destroy a level three helmet in one shot. M24 can be equipped with all kinds of scope and is highly effective over long ranges, which makes it suitable for long-distance combats.

4. AKM

PUBG New State Best Top 5 Guns M24 AKM M416 AWM GrozaAKM in PUBG: New State (Picture: Krafton)

AKM is an assault rifle with a high damage rate and can knock out half of the enemy squad in a single round. In addition to this, it has a higher fire rate as compared to many other assault rifles; however, high recoil is the only drawback AKM has, but if you are able to control it, you can definitely dominate with this gun in close range combats.

3. M416

PUBG New State Best Top 5 Guns M24 AKM M416 AWM GrozaM416 in PUBG: New State. (Picture: Krafton)

If you are not good with AKM, M416 is undoubtedly the best gun with lower recoil that you can pick in PUBG: New State, being a beginner or advanced level player. The weapon operates on 5.56mm ammo and has a high damage fire rate that will help you dominate over the enemies in close-range and mid-range fights. 

2. AWM 

PUBG New State Best Top 5 Guns M24 AKM M416 AWM GrozaAWM in PUBG: New State. (Picture: Krafton)

AWM is another sniper rifle on the list and has the highest damage rate among all the weapons in the game. The gun can eliminate the opponent through the level 3 helmet in a single shot, securing some important kills for your team. Getting an AWM is not easy in PUBG: New State; however, if you get your hands on one, you can tackle every long-range fight in the game.

1. Groza

PUBG New State Best Top 5 Guns M24 AKM M416 AWM GrozaGroza in PUBG: New State. (Picture: Krafton)

Groza is similar to AKM, but the advantage it has over AKM is its comparatively lower recoil which makes it a more beginner-friendly gun. In addition to this, the high damage and fire range make it ideal for fights in the final moments of the game; however, it is suggested to use a suppressor on Groza because of its high firing sound that can reveal your position to the enemies.

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