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PUBG celebrates Lunar New Year with awesome exclusive rewards

A new PUBG event to celebrate the Lunar New Year is now available on both the PC and console versions.
PUBG celebrates Lunar New Year with awesome exclusive rewards

Starting today, 11th February,  through February 23, a new Lunar New Year event will be available in the acclaimed battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, bringing with it exclusive rewards.

These rewards can be obtained with a special system in place which will let you earn and exchange points, called Lucky Points.

This limited-time event will be available for free to all players, who will earn Lucky Points by simply entering the game, logging in, and playing public or ranked match either alone or in teams.

Completing daily missions assigned by the game will also grant you more points. The missions will reset at each day 12:00 am UTC.

Lunar New Year in PUBG 2021 rewards
(Picture: PUBG Crop)

Likewise, those players who have linked their PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Google Stadia accounts to their PUBG account, will receive an exclusive bonus.

The rewards available for free will range from random cosmetics to a special Lunar New Year outfit, and finally an exclusive dance.

PC players can check their event progress by clicking on the in-game banner or by logging into the event page with their PUBG account, while console players need to access their PUBG account through the event’s website.