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How to play POBG? PUBG’s April Fools minigame

You will fight some heavy weaponry giant chickens in this 16-bit minigame.
How to play POBG? PUBG’s April Fools minigame

It's April Fools' Day and many companies and developers in the video game industry have given much to talk about and laugh about, such as Riot Games with its announced Valorant Dating Sim, and Razer which decided to launch a hair dye with built-in RGB.

Joining this list of April Fools' gags and with a rather innovative and entertaining idea, Krafton Inc., the developer of the PUBG battle royale, has decided to launch a new game mode within this title for a limited time.

Known as POBG or PlayerOmnom's Battlegrounds, this minigame will transport players on a retro adventure very much in the style of 16-bit games, where they will have to fight giant chickens that will fall from the sky through some of the game's maps such as Karakin and Vikendi.

Each game within POBG will consist of several levels, in which you can collect weapons, ammunition and life that allow you to survive the hordes of chickens, until you face the giant final bosses of each map.

PUBG pobg april fools
(Picture: PUBG Corp)

To access this you only need to enter the POBG section that will appear in the upper left corner of the main menu, which will take you to an arcade-style screen where you can select the difficulty, view the controls and start the game.

This game was developed by the PUBG team and independent developer and consulting company IMGN.PRO, as well as being inspired by the art of Alexey “Gas 13” Garkushin, an artist who previously created pixel art around the battle royale.

POBG will be available from 1st to 12th April on PC, and from 8th to 19th April on consoles.