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Krafton appear to be hiring for PUBG 2

The new game is being developed for PC and consoles.
Krafton appear to be hiring for PUBG 2

South Korean video game developers, Krafton, are reportedly looking to expand the PUBG universe. It’s revealed in a new job posting by Krafton in which they reference a new project for PC and consoles that they are working on.

According to the job posting, Krafton is looking for a person with technical expertise in game programming. The person should also have the qualities of a professional researcher as they are delving deep into the project. It’s being said that the new open-world TPS/FPS game could be a part of Krafton’s expansion of the PUBG universe.

The news was first tweeted by PlayerIGN, who is a well-known data miner and ITK within the PUBG community. The job posting complements a recent interview by Krafton’s executive producer, Kim Chang-han, where he told Bloomberg about expanding the company's portfolio as they look to shake the tag of 'one-hit wonder'.

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Alongside this game, Krafton also appears -- at least according to the companies job listings -- to have an MMORPG, a third-person looter-shooter, Dark Souls-esque fantasy RPG, and a 2D detective mobile game in the works.

Could this be PUBG 2?

Speculation is rife that this job posting could be for PUBG 2 that is said to be in development for both PC and console by Kim and team. 

PUBG 2 is most likely being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and it’s expected to arrive by 2022. The game is expected to release on all modern consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X|S) and PC with no official statement for a mobile release.

PUBG: Mobile itself is set for a sequel of sorts, with no fixed release date but due out later this year, PUBG: New State is a mobile-only game that is set in the near future with entirely new weapons, maps, vehicles, and more.