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Krafton appoints Sean Hyunil Sohn as CEO of its Indian subsidiary

In order to target the emerging market, Krafton has appointed Sean Hyunil Sohn as the first representative of India.
Krafton appoints Sean Hyunil Sohn as CEO of its Indian subsidiary

India has always been one of the majorly focussed markets for Krafton ever since the release of PUBG Mobile back in 2018. Even after the game was banned in India, Krafton was actively trying to relaunch it in the country. After huge efforts being made, Battlegrounds Mobile India was released exclusively for India to replace PUBG Mobile, and since then, its hype has been at its peak.

Not only this, but Krafton has invested $70 Million approximately in Indian companies, including Nodwin Gaming, Loco and Pratilipi. Now, in order to take charge of this emerging market and to further expand it, Krafton has appointed Sean Hyunil Sohn as the CEO of its Indian subsidiary.

Sean Hyunil Sohn appointed as CEO of Krafton India
Sean Hyunil Sohn (Picture: Krafton)

"The Indian gaming market is likely to expand because it is the beginning of development, and we believe that it is an opportunity market due to the increased interest of users in gaming and entertainment," said Sean Hyunil Sohn.

Sean Hyunil Sohn is also the Head of Corporate Development at Krafton Inc./PUBG Corp., and he is the first representative of Krafton who will focus on expanding Krafton's IP and enhancing the gaming experience to the Middle East and Africa but mainly in India.

Krafton is already working actively on expanding the BGMI ecosystem, and the plan is to grow it even more through the development of its esports industry by organizing various tournaments like Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021. 

The game is about to hit a total of 50 Million downloads already, even though it is available only for Android devices, and the number is about to increase drastically when it releases for the iOS platform. 

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