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PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update first details revealed

PUBG Corporation has shared the first official details of the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update arriving on 7th May
PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update first details revealed

After a Vending Machine tease last month, PUBG Corporation has finally revealed what's coming in the massive PUBG Mobile update, which is set to release on 7th May 2020. 

While we still don't the particulars of the PUBG Mobile May update, such as fixes, and possibly all the new features, the developer has provided players with an image, showcasing the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update highlights.


PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar


On Twitter, PUBG Corporation shared a single image, after the Vending Machine tease coming in Version 0.18.0.


The developer clearly doesn't go into much detail, and we still don't know exactly what the Vending Machine will do in the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update. It is expected this device could provide players with essential supplies, such as medkits, bandages, painkillers or energy drinks.

As expected, the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update coming on 7th May will feature the Miramar 2.0 map with all its changes and additions, including a golden version of Mirado.

The update will also include the rumoured P90, an SMG which holds 50 bullets in a single clip. This weapon will support muzzles, sights, and grips, according to leaked information.

We also see another new weapon, namely the Winchester 94, with a 2.7x scope for good measure. Then, there's a new weapon attachment called the Canted Sight, an updated results screen, and a Cheer Pack thrown into the mix.

This might not be the only additions coming in the PUBG Mobile Mad Miramar update, as new limited-time modes could also be included. One is expected to be set on in Sanhok map, and is called Jungle Adventure Guide, while the other is called “Safety Scramble mode”.

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