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PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: Release date, new maps, weapon and more

What we know so far about the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale game mode, including the release date and new content to enjoy.
PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: Release date, new maps, weapon and more

With PUBG Mobile Season 16 expected to release on 17th November, there's still a bit of time left in Season 15. The developers have now revealed a new game mode called PUBG Mobile Metro Royale, which fans can look forward to playing before the next season gets underway. Here's what we know so far about PUBG Mobile Metro Royale, including the release date, and what content to expect.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale release date

PUBG Corporation has revealed the Metro Royale game mode's release date for PUBG Mobile as 10th November 2020. 

There's no specific release time available just yet but fans across the globe can expect to download the update on 10th November with the Metro Royale mode opening up on 11th November in certain regions.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale new game mode maps weapon
(Picture: PUBG Corporation)


The Survival Guide for this PUBG Mobile x Metro Exodus collaboration gives fans a bit of lore info, and as a community effort, fans can unlock content for the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale game mode.

Metro Royale new content

So what exactly can you expect in Metro Royale? Well, this is a horror-themed game mode with the goal of surviving against frightening creatures for as long as possible.

There will be a new underground station lobby, with two new maps according to reports from the beta. 

Players will have access to pre-configured weapons and loadouts. There's also a special black market, and a new weapon called the Tikhar Rifle.

Players will be tasked to hunt down enemies, get loot, then head to an extraction point to sell items and upgrade their loadout for the next romp.

There will be six levels of armour protection to brave the harsh environments form the new PUBG Mobile maps, and advanced weapon levels to unlock which aren't currently available in the Battle Royale. 

Two monsters from Metro Exodus, the Nosalis and Librarian, have also been revealed. 

At the time of writing, many details about the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale game mode are yet to be announced, as the community needs to unlock more via the Survival Guide mentioned earlier in this article.