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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5: Price, free, premium rewards, end date and more

PUBG Mobile M5 Royale Pass has begun, and here is the list of free and premium rewards you will be getting along with the details about its end date.
PUBG Mobile 1.7 update has brought a ton of new content in the game, including Mirror World mode, Carry feature and more. In addition to this, a brand new Ranked Cycle 1 Season 3 has also begun resetting the ranks of all the players along with Royale Pass Month 5, in which players can earn a ton of free and premium rewards.

These rewards include shiny outfits, emotes, and gun skins and can be unlocked by completing weekly and daily missions. Here are the complete details about the Royale Pass Month 5, including the rewards you will be getting, its price, end date and more. 

How much does it cost?

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Month 5
Players can upgrade the Royale Pass M5 in PUBG Mobile to unlock premium rewards. (Picture: Krafton)

There are a total of three variants of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5. Players can either get the free rewards without a purchase or spend UC to unlock premium rewards. Players can purchase the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5 Elite Pass for 360 UC while the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC.


PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Month 5
PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5 offer rewards at each tier. (Picture: Krafton)

Players will be getting the following free and premium rewards from PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5:

  • Lethal Creepster Set and Guardian MK47: Unlock at RP 1
  • Lethal Creepster Cover and Lethal Creepster Mask: Unlocks at RP 5
  • Hextech Crystal Backpack: Unlocks at RP 10
  • Strange Wave Emote (free), Hextech Ornament and RP Avatar (M5): Unlock at RP 15
  • Crooked Flush - Machete: Unlocks at RP 20
  • Rainbow Glider Trail: Unlock at RP 21
  • Polymath Outfit: Unlock at RP 25
  • Unyielding Land Finish and Vanguard Emote: Unlocks at RP 30
  • Ancient Statue - S686: Unlocks at RP 35
  • Guardian Kar98K: Unlocks at RP 40
  • Rainbow Glider Trail: Unlocks at RP 41
  • Vanguard Suit and Vanguard Cover: Unlocks at RP 50

When does the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5 end?

As per the date mentioned in the RP section of the game, the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M5 will end on 19th December, a day before the next Royale Pass begins. 


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Featured image courtesy of Krafton.