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When does PUBG Mobile Season 19 begin? Release date, info, leaks, more

A new season of PUBG Mobile always brings with it brand new content in game modes, weapons, and if we are lucky, new maps. We take a look at when Season 19 will come out and what might arrive with it.
When does PUBG Mobile Season 19 begin? Release date, info, leaks, more

PUBG Mobile Season 18 is currently underway, and Season 19 update will be released a few days after the launch of the 1.4 update. The season will bring a whole lot of new rewards, including exclusive outfits, weapon skins, emotes, and more, along with a new Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile Season 19 will reset the ranks of players based on their current tier at the current season.

Here are the details of the PUBG Mobile Season 19 update, including its release date, rewards leaks, and more.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 release date and time

PUBG Mobile Season 19 will release on 17th May at 2 am (UTC +0) after Season 18 ends a day before. The RP section will get locked after the current season ends, and players will not be able to enter it to level up. Unlike the PUBG Mobile 1.4 update, it will not be available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store; instead, it will get automatically downloaded at the loading screen of the game. 

PUBG MObile Season 19 release datePUBG Mobile Season 18 end date (Picture: PUBG Corporation)

PUBG Mobile Season 19 leaks

Just like in every other season, players will earn various Season 19 exclusive rewards while ranking up through different tiers. These rewards have been leaked by data miners and are listed below:

Gold Tier Outfit

pubg mobile season 19 leaksPUBG Mobile Season 19 Gold Tier Reward (Picture: Priyank)

Platinum Tier Outfit

PUBG Mobile Season 19 contentPUBG Mobile Season 19 Platinum Tier Reward (Picture: Priyank)


Diamond Tier Outfit

pubg mobile season 19 new skinsPUBG Mobile Season 19 Diamond Tier Reward (Picture: Priyank)

Ace Tier Outfit

pubg mobile season 19 cosmeticsPUBG Mobile Season 19 Ace Tier Reward (Picture: Priyank)

Conqueror Tier Outfit

Pubg mobile new contentPUBG Mobile Season 19 Conqueror Tier Reward (Picture: Priyank)

PUBG Mobile Season 19 will bring a brand new Royale Pass, which is expected to be based on the Godzilla theme. Players can buy using the in-game currency UC cash.

Players can either buy the Elite Royale Pass for 600 UC or Elite Upgrade Plus Royale Pass for 1800 UC that will unlock some additional rewards.