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PUBG Mobile gets first virtual band called Power4

For the first time ever, PUBG Mobile has released its own virtual band called Power4. Here's how you can get the four outfits.
PUBG Mobile is no stranger to collaborating with real-life artists such as BLACKPINK, where their music can be heard in the game's menu or in vehicles. Now, in a first for the mobile Battle Royale sensation, PUBG Mobile has released its own "virtual band" called Power4. Alongside the release also comes four outfits for players to acquire. 

PUBG Mobile Power4: First Song & Outfits

The developers have announced the new virtual band arriving in the PUBG Mobile universe. They are called Power4, and can be heard in the game right now.

Power4's first single is called "Nothing's Getting in Our Way". 

PUBG Mobile Power4 virtual band outfits how to get

(Picture: PUBG Mobile)


The Power4 band in PUBG Mobile consists of some interesting characters, namely:

  • Flame Lord - The singer
  • Grave Lord - The guitarist
  • Spike Demon - The drummer
  • Wraith Lord - The bassist

Power4 has its own Twitter account, pointing towards more songs coming to the game from this virtual band.

Players can also acquire these awesome-looking Power4 skins in PUBG Mobile right now.

To get these Power4 outfits in PUBG Mobile, luck will need to be on your side. Follow the steps below.

  • Using the ongoing Legendary Contract, you can enter an in-game draw for one of these outfits.
  • Use a lucky spin for 60 UC to try your luck.
  • You can also spin 10 times for 600 UC.
  • Keep at it until you get one of the Power4 skins, or until your UC runs out.

With some luck, you should be able to get one of the Power4 outfits in PUBG Mobile, which all look fantastic.