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PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super Announced

Here's all the news surrounding the recently announced PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball collaboration for 2023.
PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super Announced

It has recently been announced that the world-renowned battle royale game PUBG Mobile will be collaborating with the iconic shonen franchise dragon ball. The collaboration is set to take place sometime in 2023, and if you're as excited about this news as we are, then keep reading.

Below you can find all the details surrounding the announcements of the PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super collaboration. Including what exactly you can expect to see from this crossover and when to expect it next year.

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super Announced

PUBG Mobile's official social media accounts announced the collaboration with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the series' newest film. This announcement follows the recent collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball.

The announcement only stated that the collaboration will take place "soon" in 2023, with no additional details provided. The announcement post also includes a promotional image for the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, which will be released in theaters around the world in August and September 2022.

Although the specifics of the collaboration are unknown at this time, PUBG Mobile has previously collaborated with series such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Arcane, so the Dragon Ball collaboration may follow a similar pattern. Because the press release specifically mentions the recent film, the event is likely to focus on the characters and premise of the film rather than Dragon Ball in general.

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super Announced recent announcement
Dragon Ball will be coming to the world of PUBG Mobile in 2023. (Picture: Krafton / Toei Animation)

Characters such as Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce were added to the game during the Arcane event. There was also a "mirror world" that resembled Piltover's location from the Arcane series, as well as a hextech gun. A new game mode was included in the Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration.

The Fortnite and Dragon Ball collaboration added in-game cosmetics, emotes, missions, and, of course, the usable Kamehameha. A recreation of Kame Island was also included, where players could trade powerful items with Bulma.

PUBG Mobile X Dragon Ball Super Announced Crossover features and more to come
The crossover will likely feature cosmetics, game modes and much more. (Picture: Krafton / Toei Animation)

This implies that similar cosmetic choices could be made for the upcoming PUBG and Dragon Ball crossover. With the specifics likely varying from Skins to entirely new game modes and much more.

But for right now, while we don't have any more concrete evidence, we can only speculate as to what might be coming in this newly announced collaboration. But now that it's been officially confirmed, we can wait in excitement for 2023 to arrive, and see what the crossover has in store for PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball fans alike.

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Featured image courtesy of Krafton / Toei Animation.