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PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew collaboration features branded vending machines

PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew is yet another collaboration coming to Erangel in the form of branded vending machines.
PUBG Corporation just recently announced a BLACKPINK collaboration, and now, on 18th September, another collaboration has been announced. The PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew collaboration will bring Mountain Dew-branded vending machines to New Erangel.

PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew

On Twitter, PUBG Corporation announced the collaboration with Mountain Dew in a short video showcasing a character zooming in with a sniper rifle, revealing a Mountain Dew-branded vending machine.

At the time of writing, the developer has not shared any additional details on the collaboration with Mountain Dew.



Some players are expecting weapon skins based on Mountain Dew, while others are hoping for vehicle paint jobs resembling the carbonated soft drink brand.

With the BLACKPINK collaboration as well as the Mountain Dew collaboration, there's a lot to look forward to in PUBG Mobile Season 15. 

PUBG Mobile Mountain Dew vending machines

(Picture: PUBG Corporation)


PUBG Mobile x Mountain Dew kicks off on 22nd September. At the time of writing, there's no end date for this collaboration.

The developer also didn't share any additional details on possible Mountain Dew consumables in these branded vending machines.

There is, however, a good chance players will be able to chuck down some Dew soon.