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Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu Event: Start Time, Featured Pokemon, And More

Pokemon GO is getting a new event to celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu Returns
Pokemon Go Detective Pikachu Event: Start Time, Featured Pokemon, And More

Pokemon GO is one of the biggest Pokemon games of all time. When the game launched in 2016, it instantly became a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, there have been multiple seasons that Pokemon GO has gone through, providing a lot of different changes.

Pokemon GO has spanned multiple mainline Pokemon releases and, each time, Pokemon from that region are slowly introduced to Pokemon GO. Niantic even holds events for non-mainline Pokemon games. Here, we'll go over everything surrounding the Detective Pikachu event that is coming to Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Event Start & End Time

Detective Pikachu Returns Event Pokemon GO
Players will get some good cosmetics for participating in the Detective Pikachu Returns event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

This brand-new event for Pokemon GO centers around Detective Pikachu Returns,  a new Nintendo Switch game that will launch on October 6th. So that means that players can expect the new event to happen around that time.

Thankfully, Niantic has already given us the answers we are looking for. The new Detective Pikachu Event for Pokemon GO will start on October 5th and run up until October 9th at 8 p.m. local time. That gives players plenty of time to check out everything that the event has to offer in Pokemon GO, celebrating the new release of Detective Pikachu.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Event All Featured Pokemon

Detective Pikachu Event Pokemon GO
Good chances of finding a Shiny Pokemon during the Detective Pikachu Event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

It looks like players are going to get a couple of special Pokemon during this Pokemon GO event. The big catch for players will be Pikachu wearing a detective hat, and Slowpoke wearing a hat. Alongside these great catches, more featured Pokemon will be available for this event. Here's a full list of all wild encounters that players can get in Pokemon GO during the Detective Pikachu Event, with Pokemon that can be shiny marked with an asterisk:

  • Pikachu wearing a detective hat*
  • Slowpoke wearing a hat *
  • Growlithe *
  • Alolan Exeggutor*
  • Magikarp *
  • Xatu
  • Bellossom
  • Lotad *
  • Chimecho *
  • Ducklett
  • Cutiefly
  • Falinks

On top of the above Pokemon, players can also encounter in the wild Sudowoodo, Snivy, and Rowlet through completing field research tasks. What's interesting is that these are Pokemon players will more than likely encounter during their playthrough of Detective Pikachu Returns when the game eventually releases.