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Pokemon GO Egg Chart List: What's in 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 'Strange' red 12km Eggs

The start of a new season means the potential for brand-new Pokémon eggs! Here are all the eggs that you can hatch this month!
Pokemon GO Egg Chart List: What's in 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km and 'Strange' red 12km Eggs

Pokémon GO eggs are a great way to obtain rare creatures not so easily found in the wild. Add to this the possibility of even more candy to power up your existing Pokémon, and you get even more incentive to get out there and start walking!

Depending on a variety of different factors, different Pokémon can be obtained from these eggs. Such factors include the length of time (km) it takes to hatch an egg, the time of year you obtained it, and whether or not any special events are occurring at that point in time. 

If you want to stay up to date with what Pokémon you can expect to find from these mystery eggs, be sure to check out our guide for all the latest info!


All Pokémon GO Egg Pokémon List

Pokémon GO
The list of Egg Pokémon changes regularly. Make sure to stay up to date! (Picture: Niantic)

Here is the list of available Pokémon eggs for the month of November 2022. 

2km Pokémon Eggs:

  • Magikarp*
  • Pichu*
  • Smoochum*
  • Azurill*
  • Budew*
  • Mantyke
  • Bergmite*
  • Pikipek
  • Yungoos*
  • Fomantis
  • Wimpod

5km Pokémon Eggs:

  • Togepi*
  • Tyrogue*
  • Chingling
  • Bronzor*
  • Snover*
  • Rowlet
  • Litten
  • Poplio
  • Mareanie
  • Mime Jr.* (Region Exclusive)

7km Pokémon Eggs:

  • Alolan Vulpix*
  • Alolan Meowth*
  • Galarian Meowth*
  • Hisuian Growlithe
  • Galarian Ponyta*
  • Galarian Slowpoke
  • Galarian Farfetch'd*
  • Hisuian Voltorb
  • Hisuian Qwilfish
  • HIsuian Sneasel
  • Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Galarian Darumaka*
  • Galarian Stunfisk*

10km Pokémon Eggs:

  • Riolu*
  • Tirtouga*
  • Archen*
  • Axew*
  • Togedemaru
  • Espurr*
  • Goomy
  • Noibat*
  • Rockruff*
  • Jangmo-o

12km Strange Egg:

  • Absol*
  • Larvitar*
  • Deino*
  • Pancham
  • Pawniard
  • Qwilfish
  • Sandile
  • Scraggy
  • Skorupi*
  • Vullaby*
  • Inkay*
  • Skrelp
  • Salandit

5km Adventure Sync Egg:

  • Cranidos*
  • Shieldon*
  • Happiny*
  • Munchlax*

10km Adventure Sync Egg:

  • Deino*
  • Rockruff*
  • Bagon*
  • Beldum*
  • Gible*
  • Riolu*
  • Goomy

Pokémon marked with an "*" have a chance of being shiny. 

How To Hatch Eggs Faster In Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go
Make sure you slow your roll when hatching eggs (Picture: Niantic)

There is no shortcut to hatching eggs faster in Pokémon GO, unfortunately. While several gamer scientists out there have found success in taping their phone to a slowly oscillating fan or strapping it to their pet for the day, these methods are relatively unreliable. In short, if you want to hatch an egg, you're going to have to walk.

However, there are several tips and tricks you can research in order to adjust your walking speed for optimal egg-hatching output!

  1. Walking Speed: It is believed that the optimal walking speed is 10.5 KM/H. If you go slower, it will clearly take longer to hatch an egg, while if you go faster, the game will discount the total distance. It should also be noted that going any speed above 35KM/H will lock you out of any counted distance.
  2. Vehicles: You don't have to walk, you can use any vehicle, be it a slow-moving car, skates, or an escooter. As long as you don't exceed 10.5 KM/H, you're good to go!
  3. Direction: Pokémon GO measures distance in straight lines, so it is advised to go in a straight line as much as possible.
  4. Turn the app off!: Less of a tip, but more a piece of advice. Thanks to the newly added Adventure Sync, you no longer have to have the game open to hatch eggs! Just make sure the Adventure Sync is turned on in the in-game settings!

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.